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Providing the flexibility to scale rapidly to meet changing business needs, a growing number of companies are turning to infrastructure as a service (IaaS). However, while an IaaS environment enables you to deploy solutions quickly, it also comes with some challenges:

  • How can you avoid unexpectedly high costs?

  • How do you get an SAP-centric view on your IaaS costs instead of a resource-centric view?​

  • How do you scale your SAP environment up and down to make the most of the flexibility offered by your cloud provider?


Bringing landscape management to the cloud

Launched on January 25th, SAP Landscape Management Cloud provides you with the tools you need to address these challenges. Available as software as a service (SaaS), it helps you gain an orchestrated view of your SAP landscape across multiple cloud providers.

While SAP Landscape Management, Enterprise Edition focuses on the automation of system administration activities for on-premise or hybrid SAP environments, SAP Landscape Management Cloud extends this functionality for on-demand cloud infrastructures. The cloud service offers features that are critical for running an SAP landscape partly or entirely in an IaaS environment in a cost-efficient way.


Reducing IT costs through effective management

Automated, SAP system-specific routines enable you to start and stop your SAP solutions and related virtual machines according to optimal patterns. This helps you lower your overall infrastructure resource consumption, reducing the total cost of ownership of your SAP environment and lowering your carbon footprint.

Meanwhile, an intuitive user experience provides business users with quick access to insights they need to efficiently manage IaaS budgets. Self-service functionality supports efficient spend monitoring, comparison, and forecasting to improve overall budget control.


Providing comprehensive landscape management support

With SAP Landscape Management Cloud, you can:

Analyze usage

Get insight into your IaaS costs with an SAP system-centric view across your entire SAP landscape as shown at Figure 1.

Figure 1: Usage Analysis Functionality in SAP Landscape Management Cloud


Define availability patterns

Set individual schedules to start and stop your SAP systems and respective VMs in IaaS using our automated routines as shown in Figure 2. You can also scale your SAP systems up and down by adding or removing application servers and VMs as needed.

Figure 2: Functionality for Defining Availability Patterns in SAP Landscape Management Cloud


Snooze and wake up your systems

Start your SAP systems and respective VMs on demand for a predefined timeframe in our easy-to-use self-service as shown in Figure 3.

Figure 3: Functionality for Snoozing and Waking Up SAP Systems and VMs in SAP Landscape Management Cloud


Forecast costs

Evaluate the cost impact of different availability patterns before activating them. Get cost forecasts for individual systems, a group of SAP systems, or the whole SAP landscape as shown at Figure 4.

Figure 4: Cost Forecasting Functionality in SAP Landscape Management Cloud


Manage costs

Compile an SAP system-centric spend overview for IaaS and compare actual and estimated costs using intuitive cost management functionality as shown in Figure 5.

Figure 5: Cost Management Functionality in SAP Landscape Management Cloud


Learn more

Find out more about SAP Landscape Management Cloud by watching our product video, visiting the product page, the SAP Help Portal site or our blog series.