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Business Background:

Many SAP customers use Solution Manager as Job Scheduling Tool directly connected (via XBP interface) with the NetWeaver Job Scheduler in the managed SAP system landscape. The NW Job Scheduler has certain limitation, so for seamlessly execution of business processes, in which different SAP and non-SAP systems are involved, a central job scheduling tool is needed.

If a central job scheduling tool can be integrated with Solution Manager via SMSE, SAP customers can continue to use their job definition database in SAP Solution Manager, but schedule via the central scheduler instead of directly into the managed system.

Solution Manager Job Management comprises several applications to establish standardized, formal processes in order to support the management of centralized end-to-end solution wide background operations, i.e.

  • Processes for requesting new jobs, job changes or deletion of jobs, that can be integrated with any ticketing tool via BAdI (as of 7.2 SP08)

  • Job Documentation

  • Central scheduling of jobs

  • Central monitoring of jobs and error handling in case of failures


Two main Job Management options are available:

  • Jobs are managed by Solution Manager only

  1. Jobs are scheduled from Solution Manager directly into the Managed System using, e.g.the XBP interface for ABAP jobs.

  • Jobs are managed by Solution Manager and any SMSE certified job scheduler.

  1. The scheduling information is handed over from Solution Manager via SMSE interface.

  2. Job execution is triggered by the scheduler into the managed system, e.g. via the XBP interface for ABAP jobs.

SAP ABAP (i.e. SM36), BOBJ, DS jobs and BW process chains can be scheduled centrally with SAP Solution Manager, i.e. Solution Manager can communicate directly with the corresponding scheduler in the SAP system or with external schedulers, like SAP CPS or SAP BPA by Redwood or any SMSE (Solution Manager Scheduling Enabler) certified scheduler.


About SMSE Interface:

Solution Manager Scheduling Enabler (SMSE), also known as Business Automation Enabler (BAE), is an interface between SAP Solution Manager and external schedulers such as SAP Central Process Scheduling by Redwood, for scheduling jobs and job chains and integrating of business and infrastructure events.

SMSE Components:



Scheduling API

For SAP Solution Manager to make the calls independent from the scheduler and communication protocol, like an additional abstraction level.

Registration API

For External Scheduler to make it available for SAP Solution Manager.

Notification API

Interface between External Scheduler and SAP Solution Manager for in time notifications.


Push Interface

For External Scheduler to forward job information to SAP Solution Manager.

All components need to be implemented.

Overview Diagram:


Many SAP Customers use 3rd party solutions which integrates with Solution Manager via SMSE Interface and SAP Integration and Certification Center team certifies this integration. As a pre-requisite BC-XBP Certification is must.

Benefits of Certification:

  • Certificate and Certified logo will be provided from SAP ICC team after successful completion of the certification testing.

  • The Certified Solution Directory is an excellent platform to present your company, as well as details of your certifications and solutions, to SAP partners and customers.

In the blog ‘How to Enhance Your Marketing Strategy” and certification benefits video  you can find more ideas, how to generate the most value from your certified integration. If you are an SAP Partner, list your solution on the SAP App Center and differentiate yourself from competition through the SAP Certified Logo.

For more information related to the SM-SE Certification kindly refer here.

For more information related to the BC-XBP Certification kindly refer here.

For more offerings with respect to SMSE Certification please contact

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