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Today’s Reality for SAP BusinessObjects BI Customers

Significant work and financial investments have been made by SAP BusinessObjects BI customers in creating the right on premise data and BI resources that are, in many cases, mission critical for their organization.

But SAP Analytics Cloud is SAP’s strategic direction for the future of analytics – right? The integration of BI, planning and predictive analytics in a single engine allows for a smooth experience, providing a clean transition from reporting to simulation to planning and back again, all augmented by machine learning. Plus, it is becoming the de facto analytics standard for all core SAP Cloud applications.

Here’s the bottom line: you have significant investment in on premise, but major agile innovation, rapid deployment, and enhanced capabilities offered in the cloud. Can you leverage your existing on premise investments? Yes, you can!

Enter Extend Analytics

Extend Analytics is an initiative enabling SAP BusinessObjects BI customers to extend and expand BI, Predictive, and Planning with SAP Analytics Cloud.

It reflects a focus to help enhance and build upon mission-critical on-premise use cases while leveraging universes, document structures and assets in conjunction with the BI, planning, and predictive innovations provided by SAP Analytics Cloud. Live connectivity offers the chance to deliver up to the minute information for real-time insight and decisions.

The objective is to gain additional value from your existing SAP BusinessObjects BI investment.  Extend your analytics capabilities and self-service user analysis across your entire organization with SAP Analytics Cloud while continuing to use your enterprise operational reporting and your semantics layer and universes.

So Where to Start?

The heart of the Extend Analytics Initiative centers around compelling events, most relevant use cases, and how they can benefit SAP BusinessObjects BI customers.

SAP BusinessObjects Explorer and Xcelsius (Dashboards)

On July 25, 2017, Adobe posted their official announcement that they would end-of-life Adobe Flash at the end of 2020. Based on Adobe Flash, these two products will be going end-of-life on December 31, 2020.

SAP Analytics Cloud is a terrific alternative for custom dashboards and data discovery. It offers data visualization and SMART data discovery, BI reporting, dashboarding and analytic application design (Analytics Designer) and leverages predictive analytics, machine learning, and nature language query.

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Smart Data Discovery with Augmented BI / Analytics

Organizations who embrace Augmented Analytics will see users spending less time on data exploration and dashboard design. This gives them more time to utilize machine-generated advanced insights to decide and act on the next best course of action.  And it also provides your business users with true self-service BI.

The Smart features within SAP Analytics Cloud make insight discovery faster by bringing data science to the masses. Intelligent machine learning technology drives the analytics process while reducing human bias, ensuring decision makers can act with confidence.

See Augmented Analytics of
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Custom Dashboards and Analytic Applications with SAP Analytics Cloud, analytics designer

Organizations have shifted from simply extracting and storing data to gaining valuable insights. As some business intelligence use-cases become more and more complex, organizations require a more customized, flexible workflow to satisfy their needs.

Benefit from the BI, Planning and Predictive capabilities that SAP Analytics Cloud using SAP Analytics Cloud, analytics designer. Use advanced scripting to create custom, complex applications. Leverage APIs so your can embed in third-party websites and applications. And OData delivers closed loop scenarios, enabling transactional capabilities directly within the dashboard or application.

See SAP Analytics Cloud on
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Introducing SAP BusinessObjects BI 4.3

SAP BusinessObjects BI 4.3 release represents the latest major release of the analytics industry’s leading platform for scalable enterprise reporting. BI 4.3 is designed to help enhance and build upon the mission-critical on-premise use cases that it supports today as well as to leverage its universes, document structures, and assets in conjunction with the BI and predictive use case innovations provided by SAP Analytics Cloud. SAP BusinessObjects BI 4.3 provides maintenance support that runs through at least 2027.

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On-Premise to Cloud Licensing Opportunity

SAP BusinessObjects BI customers who are interested in using SAP Analytics Cloud may be able to convert unused on-premise licenses and maintenance into SAP Analytics Cloud licenses through the SAP Cloud Extension Policy. If you are interested in using SAP Analytics Cloud, this is a great way to get started. For more information on this conversion program, drop us an email at

Clarifying the Future and Lighting the Path Forward

In support of the Extend Analytics initiative, SAP has published an updated SAP Analytics BI Statement of Direction, designed to clarify our position on where we are making investments in technology and enhancements going forward.

With the coming release of SAP BusinessObjects BI 4.3 and its promise of support through at least 2027, providing maintenance timelines among the longest in the industry, we are committed to include a future for our existing SAP BusinessObjects BI customers. Customers can comfortably keep using their on-premise deployments AND incrementally add SAP Analytics Cloud capabilities.

SAP Analytics Cloud gives everyone across the organization visibility on critical information by providing self-service analytics capabilities that extend to a wider audience than ever before. You can improve the quality and speed of making decisions, focus on critical thinking and creative reasoning, and save time and money associated with analytical tool training.

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The Future Begins Now

Extend Analytics and start realizing increased business agility. Increase user adoption, accelerate the speed of information, make the right decisions faster.

Begin your journey towards the cloud by using the latest self-service analytics capabilities from SAP Analytics Cloud in conjunction with your on-premise solution.

Remember: It’s not about having to make the hard choice to be either on-premise or in the cloud, but the option of using the best of both worlds together - today.