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Using the OData CSDL modeler, the users can visualize the OData CSDL model in the canvas so that they can better understand the OData metadata structure. In some situations, the user wants to have the visualized OData CSDL model in an external file format so that they can exchange it among the OData developers. And in the latest OData CSDL modeler you will be able to do it. In this blog post, we'll demonstrate how to export the CSDL model as shown in the OData CSDL modeler canvas diagram to an external SVG file.

Exporting OData CSDL model to an SVG File using the OData CSDL Modeler

In the latest OData CSDL modeler release 1.0.13 at OData CSDL modeler in VSCODE Marketplace, the user can export the canvas diagram to an SVG file in the local file system.

First open the CSDL or EDMX file using the OData CSDL modeler:

Please notice that there is new toolbar button "Export Diagram" in the modeler. And click this button you will see the file save dialog showing up:

Confirm your save and the CSDL modeler canvas diagram content is saved to the specified SVG file in your file system.

Locate the SVG file you just saved and open it using your browser, you will see the content of the SVG file which is exactly the same as in the CSDL modeler canvas.

And in your browser, you can still move the diagram and zoom in/zoom out to better inspect the CSDL model content, just like what you do in the CSDL modeler.


In this blog post, we have demonstrated how to export OData CSDL modeler canvas diagram to an SVG file in your local file system. In case that you want to transfer the OData modeler to other people, this is a very convenient way of exchanging visualized OData CSDL model content among the developers.