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In this blog post I would like to showcase a scenario that uses iRPA to automate the process of exporting a report from Ariba. The screenshots and recording are all my own. I am using Cloud SAP trial account for the purposes of this exercise.

I have divided this scenario into two automations –

Part 1: Login to SAP Ariba  - To check the login automation please check my previous blog post

Part 2 : Export the file from the Ariba Administrator


Here are the pre-requisites –

Part 1:- To login in SAP Ariba, please check the automation in my previous blog post


Part 2: Create automation to export the file from the Ariba Administrator

2.a Create an application and capture different pages. First we will capture the home page and declare the "Manage" as the element


2.b Capture the drop down and declare the element “Core Administrator”


2.c  Capture the Page and declare elements "Site Manager" and "Data Export / Import"


2.d Capture the page and define elements like Export, Task Name and Search


2.e Capture the search results screen and define the element export to download the file from the Site administrator


2.f Capture the page to export all the entries. Declare the element "OK"


2.g Create automation to export the file


Demo Video :


For More Information:



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