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Developer Advocate

In this SAP Tech Bytes, we go through the SAP Discovery Center. We will get familiar with what Missions are, how they can be used to learn the different service. Also, we go through the Services section of Discovery Center and go to the details of one of the services listed.

To access the SAP Discovery Center you can go to

The SAP Discovery Center is mainly divided in Missions and Services:

  • Missions: you will find different use cases that you can implement in SAP BTP. It also includes include best practices and step-by-step guidance for implementing use cases. As you can expect, you can search and filter missions based on your needs or what you are interested in learning. The missions offer step by step guidance on how to implement the solution. It is a very easy way to get to understand how different components in BTP integrate, or how you can get them working together.

In the video, I search for missions that will help me get familiar with the process of extending SAP S/4HANA using SAP BTP.

  • Services: In Services, you will find all the services that are available in SAP BTP. Depending on your agreement/contract with SAP you might have access to all or just a subset of them in BTP. In the video I show how to identify when some services are new, or featured, and even part of the free tier.

    • Overview: When we access the service it gives us a brief overview of what the service is, links to different resources like the Help Documentation, Tutorials that can help us get started and direct access to the topic page in SAP Community.

    • Pricing: The pricing section will show me the different models and service plans that this service is available. For example, the SAP Business Application Studio is available under a Cloud Platform Enterprise Agreement, Pay-as-you-go, subscription and trial.

    • Related Missions: In Related Missions we can see different missions that we can complete in order to get familiar with the service.

    • Roadmap: In the Roadmap section, we can learn what's in the future for this particular service. This is the same information that you will see in

    • Customer Stories: In the customer stories section, you can get inspired by how other are using the service, and learn what they were able to achieve by adopting it. Not just that, but how customers have used services in order to innovate in their companies.

I hope this short SAP Tech Bytes gives you an understanding of what you will be able to find in the SAP Discovery Center, not just that but also that it can help you get inspired and you can learn how you can adopt different components in SAP BTP, how others are using them and how these can interact with each other.