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In today's rapidly evolving world, the utilities industry faces challenges, such as the need for efficient asset management, optimising energy production, redefining customer experience, and embracing sustainable practices.

In my previous blog post, I’ve explored how SAP’s Industry Cloud solutions can support Utilities to innovate and improve their business while navigating the transformation process that the industry is facing.

In this blog post, I’ll deep-dive into SAP's diverse portfolio and the potential of its solutions in improving the utilities sector.


Up to today, SAP Utilities Industry Cloud Portfolio contains over 60 Utilities relevant solutions, with a combination of SAP-built and partner-built solutions. These solutions are tailored to mitigate the challenges that the utilities industry is facing. All partner solutions either run on the SAP Business Technology Platform or are integrated via SAP Business Technology Platform. As a result, fostering a better collaboration between SAP and the partner ecosystem.

It’s an agile and flexible platform to enable quick innovation and extend SAP’s existing end-to-end business processes. From Asset Management to Customer Experience, the portfolio contains a wide range of solutions with distinct capabilities, and I’ll briefly introduce you to a few solutions from each of the vertical:

Asset Management

The Industry Cloud is especially relevant in Asset Management. There are many solutions available, that support various aspects of the asset lifecycle. For more details on this topic, you can read the blog Asset Management in Utilities – part 4: Extending the SAP Solution Landscape with Partner Solutions.

Metering and Markets

The convergence of advanced metering technologies and evolving market dynamics is creating new opportunities. These include for operational efficiency, customer engagement, and revenue optimisation. Industry Cloud solutions tailored for utilities' metering and markets have emerged as powerful solutions in the areas of advanced metering technologies, analytics, and market intelligence.

From SAP, we have built utilities-specific Industry Cloud solutions to fulfil a part of this requirement:

From our Partners, few solutions are:

  • eOS for SAP for Utilities by Energy OS enable utilities to leverage customers and data to deliver digital services that respond to energy transition.

  • Efficient inspection of backflow devices, compliant to regulations with Utegration solution.


Utilities today are focusing on delivering better customer experiences. SAP's Industry Cloud solutions provide utilities with customer engagement and experience tools that enable personalised interactions, self-service capabilities, and seamless communication channels. Utilities can leverage smart billing systems, customer portals, and real-time data to improve customer satisfaction, transparency, and foster long-term relationships:

Field Service

The utilities industry relies heavily on efficient field service operations to ensure the reliable delivery of essential services. By leveraging real-time data, mobile enablement, and advanced analytics, utilities can optimize workforce utilization, enhance asset maintenance, and deliver exceptional customer experiences:


The utilities industry plays an important role in driving the energy transition. Industry Cloud solutions are enabling sustainable practices and optimising renewable energy integration.

  • SAP E-Mobility is a solution that helps companies to operate electric vehicles (EV) charging infrastructures at scale to drive the transition to sustainable and convenient electric mobility.

  • Energy Community by Exnaton and bpc facilitates local marketplaces for renewable energy among households (also called “energy communities”). Compute and visualize energy flows and calculate billable items for each point of delivery.

A full list of our Utilities Industry Cloud solutions can be found in the SAP Store and the SAP Road Map Explorer.


What role the partner ecosystem play in the Industry Cloud strategy?

Currently, our portfolio consists of a broad set of relevant solutions, out of which around 70 percent are partner-built solutions, and new solutions are introduced continually.

The partner ecosystem plays a critical role in delivering new value-driven innovation use cases that address customer needs and improving the value we jointly bring to the market.

The SPRINT1 Energy & Utilities initiative is an opportunity for a partner to convert their innovative ideas or even already existing solutions into SAP Industry Cloud apps with an extensive support of SAP.



SAP Industry Cloud portfolio is a continuous evolving marketplace that offers a comprehensive range of solutions to address unique challenges faced by the industry.

SAP is committed to pursuing innovation and industry-specific utilities solution for a transformative future, enabling them to navigate the evolving landscape with confidence and agility.


For more information on Industry Cloud for Utilities, visit the Industry Cloud Community Page and and SAP Store for Utilities.

For more information about Industry Cloud “Espresso Sessions”, visit the website.