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When analyzing data, context and accuracy are key. You want to ensure the charts and tables you create in your stories include all the necessary dimensions. Some dimensions may be required for the calculation of a measure, or to provide proper context.

Adding Required Dimensions to your model allows you to specify certain dimensions that must be included in a table or chart for values to populate in your story. For example, if you're looking at 'Sales Revenue' and 'Product', you may want to make 'Location' a Required Dimension so that sales revenue and product are only analyzed in that context.

This can be achieved by selecting the Required Dimensions column next to the 'Sales Revenue' and choosing from the list of dimensions. In this case, we have selected 'Location.'

When you create a chart in your story that includes a measure with Required Dimensions, the chart will not populate until the required dimension is added. You’ll be notified of any missing Required Dimensions in the builder panel.

To populate the chart, you can easily add the Required Dimension directly from the builder panel.

The Required Dimensions feature in SAP Analytics Cloud is a helpful way to preserve meaningful analysis in your story. By pairing certain measures and dimensions, you can ensure proper context and accuracy is maintained.

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