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Update (22.11.2022): SAP Private Link is now also available as beta for AWS! Read all about it in this blog post
Update (29.06.2022): The SAP Private Link service has left its beta phase and is now generally available on Azure! Read all about it in this blog post

You might have already heard that SAP Private Link service went Beta in Q2 2021. Yet, even before the service became globally available, we already prepared the steps to enhance the scope with some long-awaited features. And here we are now, announcing new features that got added to the current Beta scope, hooray!  

The enhanced SAP Private Link service (Beta) comes with

    • support for native Azure services: MariaDB and MySQL,

    • DNS hostnames for Azure Private Link service and

    • availability in additional Cloud Foundry regions.

Support for Native Azure Services

Up until now, SAP Private Link service had exclusively supported connections to Azure Private Link resources. With the new features, the support of native Azure services has begun with the following two native Azure services:

  • Azure Database for MariaDB

  • Azure Database for MySQL

More native Azure services will be onboarded in the upcoming months. Feel free to check out the official documentation regarding the usage of these services:

DNS Entries for Azure Private Services

Whenever users established a private link connection to an Azure Private Link service, the resource was exclusively consumable via a private IP address. These times are over now! Each approved service instance now comes with its own set of private DNS hostnames. This allows issuing certificates based on an actual hostname for the connected resource and enables TLS connections with verified hostnames.

Feel free to check out

Availability in Additional Cloud Foundry Regions

So far, the service had only been available in the Europe (Netherlands) region. With the new Beta features, the service also became available in the US West (WA) region. Over the next months, more regions will follow! Stay tuned!

What to expect after Beta?

  • Support of additional native Azure services

  • Connections initiated from within Azure to SAP BTP Cloud Foundry or other SAP BTP services

  • AWS as IaaS provider and the corresponding AWS PrivateLink service

  • GCP as IaaS provider and the corresponding GCP Private Service Connect service

  • Connections from other SAP BTP services

Please understand that SAP does not commit to, promise to, and is under no legal obligation to deliver these features in the future. This list of features may be changed or withdrawn by SAP at any time for any reason without notice, and business decisions should not be based on this.


Now you know what the SAP Private Link service has to offer for its enhanced Beta release and what to expect after Beta.

Get started with the enhanced Beta! We’re eager to receive your feedback!