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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
With SAP’s Integration Plan in the Cloud – SAP introduced distinct suite qualities that characterize SAP’s intelligent suite of seamlessly integrated applications – download the Document here.
With our webinar series we would like to bring you these 7 Suite Qualities (SQ) closer (recordings and can be accessed here).
The SAP Community call held on July 8th, 2021, gave an overview what the SQ “End-to-End process blueprints” is addressing and how you can benefit from these efforts.

Click here to review the presentation as well as the recording.


Start of a new blog post series


Since we made a lot of progress and realized various significant adoption goals of our Suite Qualities, we would like to keep you constantly posted on our success and most importantly on the benefits that you will gain.
Therefore the story continues to be told with a bunch of follow-up blog posts that me and my colleagues will be issuing over the second half of this year.

We’re pretty much looking forward to your feedback as it helps our engineering teams a lot developing and improving our Intelligent Enterprise software portfolio.

So let’s start with this blog post about the Suite Quality “End to End Process Blueprints”



With this Suite Quality, we want to provide easily understandable views and diagrams of end-to-end business processes, which also show which SAP solutions are used where and how they fit together in the end.

So, what are the customer's pain points and thus our motivation to offer these E2E process blueprints? It can be really confusing at times to figure out how the many products in our Intelligent Enterprise portfolio are supposed to work together.

Therefore, customers replied that they would like to receive clear guidance on implementable reference architectures, ie a clear and intuitive visualization of what business process reference architectures look like, and then would like to receive the next level of detail, such as how the underlying applications technically fit together.

In other words, our positioning in terms of business value or the respective business processes needs to be combined or better needs to be proven by an intuitive guidance how the Intelligent Suite systematically fits into that.

That is - what we call – the bridge that must be built between business and IT. With this bridge - standardized business processes and their resulting business architectures are getting now mapped against our product portfolio where we at the same time do also look into the several variants that you as customers and partners would like to get support and guidance for, also considering the various user roles / personas that are in charge for theses things within your company.

SAP Enterprise Architecture Methodology


With our SAP Enterprise Architecture Methodology for capturing and describing the Business- and corresponding IT Solution Architecture we’ve built a systematic approach to combine these two domains.

The resulting Enterprise Architecture content appears simple and at the same time very structured, introducing well-known diagram types that do not stand in isolation, but refer to each other and thus intuitively guide the user from the business process goal to the IT requirements.

SAP API Business Hub – your source of information


Before I continue to talk about the demo we walked through, I want to take the chance to let you know that our SAP API Business Hub is now available with an enhanced experience, much more intuitively guiding you along your interests and needs. Being it the direct interest into specific API specifications or a broader scope like workflows, integration packages, product related information or brand new aspects like the SAP One Domain Model – the new appearance will help you to find the information relevant for you much easier and enriched with contextual data that were not in place before.

Especially the introduction of the business process views, that have been re-worked quite heavily are a clear step towards an intuitive guidance from a business (process) development point of view to the technical insights of a resulting IT landscape. Check it out and let us know what your impressions are!

In the demo we visited the SAP API Business Hub (Lead to Cash Business Process View for the Cloud Deployment), starting with a Solution Value Flow Diagram where we then jumped off to a corresponding Solutions Process View Diagram for the particular Process Accounts Receivable business activity, showing what are the participating SAP cloud solutions and how they are interlinked. Further we visited a certain message flow where the SAP Commerce Cloud solution requests an invoice list from SAP S/4HANA Cloud, which brought us to the next level of detail, like API reference content and a test view (sandbox system) where we were able to check out the API behaviour without any system setup efforts. Finally we were able to visit the respective documentation as there is also the link to our SAP Help Portal included. Please check out my presentation (slide 15 ff) to get a recap of the demo flow.

SAP Cloud ALM for Implementation – your way to adjust business processes and the underlying IT landscape(s) to your needs


But what customers expect, is not only intuitive guidance, it is also the ability to adjust and modify such views to their business process deviations that almost every company foresees or even has already in place.

Thus, I briefly touched our SAP Cloud ALM for Implementation solution as this offering enables you to do these types of things.

As you can see from the slide above, the SAP Cloud ALM for Implementation product portfolio includes the possibility to extend and adopt these pre-configured processes / diagrams.

And since I’ve already talked about SAP Cloud ALM for Implementation I took also the chance to point you to its distinct SAP S/4HANA Cloud presence, which has its own SAP Cloud ALM for SAP S/4HANA Cloud representation in the web and provides a clear value add to setup our SAP flagship solution.

Key Take Aways


With this let me quickly summarize what I wanted to bring closer to you with our webinar:

  • Our SAP End to End process blueprints bridge the gap between business and IT

  • The SAP Enterprise Architecture Methodology and related diagram types are the basis for that

  • The End to End process blueprints / diagrams are integrated into SAP API Business Hub

  • With SAP Cloud ALM for Implementation you get the flexibility to modify existing – or to build new views

  • A rich SAP Cloud ALM for SAP S/4HANA content is available for you

Learn more


You may also investigate in these further readings / offerings as they nicely complement the story outlined above:

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Finally let me re-iterate that me and my colleagues are more than happy to provide further details (webinar) – specifically around SAP Cloud ALM – may you taking the chance to ask for your questions and feedback upfront here with the comment function.
You can also use the email address directly ending up with our subject matter experts.

You may also watch out for further blogs around the new SAP API Business Hub experience which my colleagues promised to issue soon.

Stay safe and healthy!