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Since my last blog on rukhshaan.omar/blog/2011/07/14/should-every-problem-be-solved-by-sap-hana I have had numerous requests for me to create a repository similar to the wiki for BPM. Good news the repository will be officially launched at Sapphire NOW in Orlando and you will be able to explore the HANA use case repository at the discussion table “Building the Business Case for SAP HANA” in the Database and Technology campus.  I will also be showcasing the repository in the Run Better Campus at the discussion table  “Deploy SAP HANA to Deliver Real Value in Record Time”

Why use cases?

For those not familiar of my work on the BPM use case wiki might be wondering why use cases

  • The use cases starts with the business problem which means it provides a “yellow” pages view on most common Line of business and Industry issues and hence is a great way to communicate with line of business audiences (non-IT) the relevance and value of SAP HANA.
  • Enables practitioners to collaborative share their insights „wikipedia style“. As SAP HANA adoption grows so too the need for educational resources of where and how SAP HANA can be applied – as this is evolving rapidly, a repository that allows collaborative creation of content, becomes essential.
  • Allows documentation of the „Art of what is possible“ scenarios  -  With any disruptive technology the most exciting use cases surface when you explore “Imagine if you could?” scenarios

Featured use cases

If you are wondering when and where to utilize SAP HANA and related technologies then the HANA use cases repository is a “must see” resource that you should visit to get inspired.  Here are some key use cases I want to highlight:

  1. Real-time Financial planning by John Appleby. This use case addresses situations where both the revenue and risk profile changes very quickly and changes in demand or supply or even events such as volcano erupting require a decision to be made immediately. And what's more legislative demands in certain industries can mean that risk exposure may have to be reported much more quickly. It is likely that the global banks, for example, will need to show risk exposure in real-time and this may have a knock-on effect up their supply chain, as they look to understand risky suppliers. John showcases how SAP BusinessObjects Planning and Consolidation (BPC) running on top of HANA will allow organizations’ to plan scenarios like financial planning and to consolidate group accounts in real-time.
  2. Fashion Markdown Optimization, Affinity Insight and Forecasting and Detect Government Fraud, Waste and Abuse are three great use cases written by Anthony Collura who demonstrates how the use of Performance and Insight Optimization services from SAP powered by SAP HANA can bring  clarity to many business executives by merging their business intuition and experience with scientific modeling and optimization to help drive financial and strategic process improvements.
  3. Detective HANA - Solve More Crime in Less Time by Peter Chapman. Peter’s use case was inspired by the London riots and he makes a great case how a 1% improvement in solving crimes for the state of California represents 160 million dollars that can be used elsewhere, every year.   Also Peter came second in the HANA online innojam contest .

I look forward to your feedback and more importantly your participation. Interested? Then Share your use case without delay!