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The Support Log Assistant is SAP Product Support’s next-generation self-service tool that automates the process of analyzing log files for known issues.  Previously, this tool was only available in English.  We are proud to announce that the Support Log Assistant external standalone client now supports German, French, Japanese, Spanish, and Chinese languages powered by machine translation technology.

The tool allows customers/partners to select files from their local disk and scan them against an ever-growing database of known issues and solutions. It performs this analysis directly in the web browser and is available to be used by customers and partners 24/7.

The external SLA client has now implemented automated language translation via the SAP Translation Hub. SAP Translation Hub allows the user to translate the UI texts by using a repository of SAP-approved translations and terminology as well as machine translation.

Use this LINK to launch the tool and get started.

To use the client in any of the above languages, on the top-right side of the client select the desired language from the dropdown list.

When a language other than English is selected, you will see the following warning message in the selected language: “This Support Log Assistant page has been machine translated. SAP does not guarantee the accuracy or completeness of the machine translation. You can find the official content by switching to English via the language selector.”

The three-step analysis procedure is fully translated, along with showing the possible Alerts (Solutions) and the Flagged lines.

Try out the Support Log Assistant – Self Service Tool to provide you solutions to the issues you are facing with your SAP Products.  With this tool, you have the experience and expertise of SAP Product Support engineering at your fingertips.

We’d love to hear your feedback on how we can make this tool even better. Feel free to use the built-in feedback option in the top right-hand corner or email us directly with any feedback.


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István Bokor
SAP Product Support
Adoption and Training Lead - Support Log Assistant Tool