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Hello, everyone! We, Saloni and Neelagandan, are thrilled to share our enriching internship journey with the remarkable Team MXE at SAP Labs India. Over the past two months, we've had the privilege of contributing to testing projects, automation projects, and being part of a truly supportive community. Allow us to take you through this exciting adventure.

The MXE India Team 🙂

 The MXE team is a dynamic and talented group at SAP Labs. They are the core team at SAP that specializes in Mobile Applications Development. The team uses the Mobile Development Kit(MDK) to develop cross-platform (Android & iOS) applications. The MDK revolutionizes mobile app development. It simplifies and accelerates the creation of feature-rich, cross-platform mobile apps.  In addition to this, we had the chance to delve into Test Case Automation and API Automation, which added exciting layers to our internship experience.

July marked the beginning of our internship journey with Team MXE. During this month, we were responsible for creating comprehensive test cases to ensure the functionality and reliability of the REX Application. As we gained a deeper understanding of these test cases, we automated the testing process.

 In August, we learnt and implemented API automation:

 We created automation scripts to efficiently move visit data. This not only reduced manual effort but also improved data integrity. To streamline our workflow further, we designed and implemented automation scripts to create visit data. This automation not only saved time but also minimized the risk of errors.

Team Events:

In addition to our work, we had the privilege of being part of some memorable team events that added a strong sense of community and camaraderie to our internship experience:

AI Days (2-Day Event): We had the opportunity to participate in AI Days, a two-day event that showcased the latest advancements in artificial intelligence. It was a fantastic learning experience that broadened our horizons and allowed us to experience the functionalities of Large Language Models (LLMs).

LGBTQ+ Awareness Session: Our team's commitment to diversity and inclusion was evident in the LGBTQ+ awareness session we attended. It was a valuable opportunity to learn about and support inclusivity within our workplace.

Team Support

Throughout this journey, we cannot emphasize enough the invaluable support and guidance we received from our amazing team. They were there for us at every step of our internship, offering their expertise, patiently answering our questions, and providing mentorship. The collaborative spirit within the team fostered a positive learning environment where we felt encouraged to explore new technologies and push our boundaries. Without their support, our internship experience wouldn't have been as enriching and rewarding as it has been.

Our Team Celebrating Independence Day!

Thank you for joining us on this incredible adventure!