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Last Update: May 18, 2022

Status as of SAP Analytic Cloud Version: 2022.08

In Experience Performance and Usability Improvements with SAP Analytics Cloud we covered the improvements that were made to improve the usability and performance (in certain scenarios) within SAP Analytics Cloud Stories. We recommend reading the blog to learn more about the past improvements that we’ve made.

With the latest release of SAP Analytics Cloud (2022.07 for Fast Track Customers or 2022.08 – Q2 QRC), we doubled down on our commitment to improving the end-to-end experience and are introducing the Optimized Design Experience. The feature has been designed to provide a better experience for users when creating dashboards within SAP Analytics Cloud with the introduction of several usability improvements.

Usability Improvements

With Optimized Design Experience, we have taken a step further by implementing suggestions raised by customers via the SAP Analytics Cloud Influence Portal. We have not only integrated the existing usability improvements into Optimized Design Experience, but also, have introduced additional key improvements Below is an overview of the individual improvements that are available in Optimized Design Experience while in Edit Mode.

Design Time Undo / Redo

Designers can now Undo and Redo actions when creating a story which allows them to quickly reverse actions such as deleting a widget. However, actions that do not have a data related change are not undoable. For example, a page switch without any data impact data will not be undoable.

Chart Builder Panel and Add-Ons

The Chart Builder Panel has been redesigned for better discoverability. There are several improvements which include: consolidating the chart types in a single menu, expanding the drop down menu for dimension and measure selection, a new section for chart add ons, and more!

Available Objects List

The Available Object List displays all objects that are associated to a data model. Within the Available Objects Menu the Story Designer:

  • Experiences a smoother and uninterrupted design experience as they can view the complete member list

  • Can add objects by dragging and dropping objects or via the more action icon

  • Can see the icons in the object list to easily identify the type of dimension


Usability Improvement Introduced in Optimized View Mode

The Optimized Design Experience also benefits from all the existing usability improvements that were introduced in Optimized View Mode. These include:

  • Ghost Loading Indicators

  • Tooltip Improvements

  • Access and Configuration of Visualization Information

  • Collapsed Input Controls Discoverability

  • Hierarchy Improvements – Interaction and Navigation

Enabling Optimized Design Experience

Optimized Design Experience is easy to enable on existing stories. To convert an existing story to Optimized Design Experience users will have to follow the steps below:

  1. In SAP Analytics Cloud, open an existing story.

  2. Switch to Edit

  3. From the file menu select Edit Story – Convert to Optimized Design Experience

The Warning Dialog will appear to warn the Designer that the conversion is permanent. It means that once the conversion happens, there is no way to revert to the Classic Design Experience. For unsupported features, they will be permanently lost as soon as you convert.

There is also the option to create a new story in the Optimized Design Experience. To do this:

  1. Open SAP Analytics Cloud and go to Stories.

  2. Select Responsive or Canvas

  3. Select Optimized Design Experience and click Create

SAP Analytics Cloud Documentation on Optimized Story Experience

For more information on the Optimized Story Experience

For more information on how to enabled Optimized Story Experience, see Enabling Optimized Story Experience.

For more information on the limitations, see Optimized Story Experience Restrictions. Frequent updates are made for Fast Track tenants.

For more information on the behavior improvements, see Optimized Story Experience Improvements.