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Security configuration is the first step towards innovating with confidence with SAP HANA. Whether its integrating securely into an existing landscape or trying out new functionality for the first time, configuration takes careful consideration.  

This is why the new SPS 0release of SAP HANA 2.0 provides important enhancements addressing these challenges: 

  • External key server support provides more options to control access to the SAP HANA data encryption keys

  • Secure setup wizard offers a workflow and value suggestions for user group and audit policy configuration

  • Role editor in the Web IDE minimizes the overhead of role building

These new features fit seamlessly into SAP HANAcomprehensive security framework which enables businesses to innovate with confidence: with secure access to data and applications, a secure setup, and software that is resilient against attacks. 

External key server support 

Full data-at-rest encryption (including redo log encryption), application data encryption (including encryption APIs), and native backup encryption are part of SAP HANAs core feature set. 

As of SAP HANA 2.0 SPS 05 it is now also possible to use a key server to control access to the SAP HANA data encryption keys. SAP HANA local secure store (LSS) is leveraged to connect to SAP Data Custodian key management service as the first supported key serverOther 3rd party key management servers or hardware security modules are planned to be supported later.  

LSS is a separate, lightweight utility for storing and securely managing the HANA encryption root keys, which is part of the SAP HANA installation. It  allows a stronger separation between system administration and encryption key management.  

For more information on SAP HANA local secure store, check out the LSS documentation. 

SAP Data Custodian KMS is a cloud product which is available as SaaS through a monthly or annual subscription. It supports customer-controlled keys and uses a FIPS 140-2 Level 3 compliant key vault. It is possible to import a key from your preferred HSM into Data Custodian KMS or you can generate the key with Data Custodian. 

Want to learn more? Review the SAP Data Custodian KMS documentation. 

Secure setup wizard 

You can use a new wizard to quickly apply a basic configuration for audit policies or user groups. 

Instead of manually configuring audit policies or user groups, you can use a wizard to apply SAP's recommended configuration settings. This allows you to quickly start working with audit policies and user groups. 

For a registered database, the user interface notifies you if the audit policy or user group configuration was not completed using the base setup wizards. You have the option to disable these notifications. 

User Group Wizard


Audit Policy Wizard


For more information on the secure setup wizard, have a look at our wizard for user group management and wizard for audit policies documentation. 

Role editor in the Web IDE

The role concept in SAP HANA 2.0 provides a containerized approach to role development. You can read more about the concepts in the Best practices and recommendations for developing roles in SAP HANA guide. 

With the new role editor, roles can now be defined by specifying role parameters with a combination of drop-down menus in the form-based role editor 

Role Editor


The role editor supports you in creating new roles and editing existing roles. You can grant or revoke roles or object, schema, analytic and system privileges from new or existing roles. To access the role editor in the Web IDE, right-click any .hdbrole file and click Open Role Editor. 

For more details on the role editor, take a look at the design-time role documentation. 

What else?

These are just the security highlights for SAP HANA 2.0 SPS 05, but theres more: 

More information

Please check out the updated security guide. For general information on the SAP HANA 2.0 SPS 05 enhancements, you can sign up here for live expert sessions, or review the SPS 05 release notes 

And dont forget to visit our SAP HANA security website at