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Testing be it Manual or Automated testing has always been a vital phase in a Product Lifecyle Management. Within Testing one can manage the tests centrally and execute the tests. SAP Cloud ALM Test Management provides the capabilities needed to support the Testing lifecycle, either for a new implementation or for changes after go-live.

SAP Cloud ALM supports Test Orchestration which includes

  • Test Planning

  • Test Preparation

  • Test Execution

Excel Upload of Test Case into SAP Cloud ALM

SAP Cloud ALM supports upload of Manual Test Case through an Excel. In this blog post I will explain about how to upload Manual Test case into SAP Cloud ALM through an excel.

It must be noted that currently only Microsoft Excel files are supported for upload. Also, mass creation of Manual Test case is not support at this point in time, its only possible to mass update the existing manual test cases.

As a prerequisite for upload of test case, manual test case needs to be created within the Test Preparation app of SAP Cloud ALM with no Actions. Procedure to create the manual test case can be found in the blog post (link).

As shown below I have created a manual test case with No Activities & No Actions assigned to the test case, however Solution Context (Solution Process, Solution Process Flow Diagram) needs to be provided during the creation of the Test case, click on Save.

No Activities are scoped within the Structure, also No Action exists as No Actions are scoped.

Now download the Test case created above using the Download button. Test case will be downloaded in the excel format, open the excel. As can be seen, Test Case Name exists within the excel along with Test Case GUID, also there exists No Activity & Actions to the test case which is correct.

Now you can add the Activities & Actions to these Activities of the Test case into the excel as shown below:

Within the Test preparation app click on Upload and select the excel file to be uploaded and click on Upload.

Post successful upload the activities specified within the excel are added to the Test case & In Scoped as shown below


Also the Application Name & URL specified in the excel for the Activities are also updated as shown below

Now move to the Content tab to see the Actions created for each of the Activities as specified within the excel. You can aswell see that for Activity 06 three actions are included as specified within the excel.

Similarly you can manually create multiple empty test case retrieve the Test Case GUID for each of the test case for which Activities & Actions needs to be created through excel upload. Update the excel accordingly as described above and then upload. This will update the Activities & Actions of the test case in a single click.

Next Action:

Please access SAP Cloud ALM Public Demo Tenant from the link and try the above capabilities yourself for better understanding.

Would be happy to receive feedback or thoughts in the comment section of the Blog post. For questions about SAP Cloud ALM, please post in the Q&A area.

You can also follow me by clicking ajay.hoskotesomashekar to get the latest updates.