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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
This example is referenced in my other post about input parameters. Please have a look at the other post to get a better understanding of the context for this example

We will use IP_1 to filter for product oranges. As we will filter for strings the documentation tells us to use apostrophes around the input parameter when calling the Calculation View:


which intuitively makes sense as we are dealing with a string input parameter

Accordingly, the filter expression needs apostrophes as well because there is nothing to be evaluated and the value of the input parameter should be treated as a string:

"product"= '$$IP_1$$'


To create this example:

a) Change the input parameter from Example 1 to NVARCHAR(20) (see screenshot below)

b) Change the filter to

"product"= '$$IP_1$$'

c) Save, build and preview the Calculation View

d) When asked for a value for IP_1 enter oranges


In the results you will only see records with oranges in column product. The generated query looks like expected:





SUM("productRating") AS "productRating",

SUM("amount") AS "amount"

FROM "INPUTPARAMETERS_HDI_DB_1"."inputParameters.db::example2"


GROUP BY "date", "product";


Click here to navigate back to the context in which this example is discussed. You will also find further examples there.