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The interplay between SAP Analytics Cloud & SAP Data Warehouse Cloud took & still takes its own evolution path. In a series of two blogs, i would like to give more transparency on this evolution path and lay out where we are. In this blog, we will have a look at the 2022 release highlights. A second blog will cover the first improvements for QRC Q1.2023 & the outlook on 2023:

Evolution of SAP Data Warehouse Cloud Model Consumption in SAP Analytics Cloud – Q1.2023 & Outlook

Before going into 2022, i would like to reference the great Blog with an overview of the Key Features

But now, let us start with the 2022 highlights, sorted in my personal view on the importance...

Bi-Directional Integration of SAP Data Warehouse Cloud and SAP Analytics Cloud for Planning

It is very important to be able to use the generated planning data from SAP Analytics Cloud outside of its origin storage. Analytics & Planning workflows goes hand in hand, the same applies to its data. Releasing this bi-directional integration of both solutions, enables us to truly use SAP Data Warehouse Cloud as the central source of truth to steer your business. You are able to import existing Actuals from SAP Data Warehouse Cloud into SAP Analytics Cloud as a baseline for your planning process. Once finished, you can write back your planning data to ensure it serves all the other analytics use cases that always rely on measuring actuals against plan. You can find more details in this great blog from my Product Management colleague Max Gander.

Supporting SAP Data Warehouse Cloud Analytical Datasets & Perspectives in Optimized Story Experience

Moving your existing stories into the Optimized Story Experience is an important move in SAP Analytics Cloud overall. The Optimized Story Experience is THE going-forward story experience, we will be focusing on while driving innovations. Therefore, the support of SAP Data Warehouse Cloud Analytical Datasets & Perspectives is very important and enables our joint customers to get the most out of SAP Analytics Cloud today. There is even more planned through 2023 with features like integration of current analytics designer capabilities and many more.
Check out this great blog from my colleague Anna Burkhardt to get to know more on our Optimized Story Experience & why you should care about it. You can find even more content linked in her blog.

Access SAP Data Warehouse Cloud with SAP’s Microsoft Excel add-ins

SAP Analytics Cloud, add-in for Microsoft Office is our strategic addin to support planning & analytics use cases on top of Cloud sources. Back in 2021 we already released support for SAP Data Warehouse Cloud. Following that, we enhanced this great option to easily explore data in SAP Data Warehouse Cloud with the support for prompts. The second milestone in 2022 was the release of SAP Data Warehouse Cloud support for SAP Analysis for Microsoft Office 2.8 SP14. Check out this perfect summary of my colleague Steffen Heine to learn more about it.

Support of Geo-Visualizations with Choropleth Layer

While we already supported Geo-Visualizations in 2021, this was limited to the Bubble Chart, the Heat Map and the Feature Layer. In Q3 2022, we released the support of Choropleth layer, which was highly requested as this is one of the most used layers overall. Specifying the location dimension in SAP Data Warehouse Cloud with both Latitude & Longitude information enables you to view aggregated data on e.g. regions or use drill-downs in your geo visualisations in SAP Analytics Cloud.
Check out this great Overview Blog of my colleague Mirko Link. It is anyhow a great source of information, but has a specific paragraph on the geo support. For a concrete example of choropleth layer & how to model it, check out this blog of my colleague Torsten Watzke.



2022 has been a great year with great improvements to maximize the value our customers can gain on using SAP Data Warehouse Cloud and SAP Analytics Cloud as a couple.
There is a lot more to come, so check out the second blog for 2023 - linked at the top.

Stay safe,