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There have been a lot of new announcements and enhancements to our cloud analytics portfolio of products this month. We've shared announcements and updates to SAP Analytics Hub, an easy way to get the business to use analytics day-to-day, SAP Digital Boardroom to enable executives, boards and operational managers, and SAP Analytics Cloud, making analytics more intelligent and intuitive. In this blog, I'll provide a brief overview of what's new and where you can learn more.

If there's one mission or one thought I can leave you with today, it's that the innovations and enhancements within our cloud analytics solutions now more than ever strive to help drive business intelligence throughout our modern day enterprises. This means making it easier than ever for business to adopt data-driven decision making and to help organizations navigate fundamental revolutions in the way their businesses run. So, let's kick things off and start with how we're helping to make analytics pervasive across entire businesses.


Making it easy to find the reports and analytics you need with SAP Analytics Hub

Where did I put that report URL again? If you're like most Analytics and BI users today, especially in large organizations, you know that there are reports and BI dashboards everywhere, they could be in separate business units or departments, or legacy systems from acquisitions. Regardless of how you ended up with so many sources of data, it's become a hassle to manage, especially when you're trying to make it easier not harder for the business to use data to drive better decision making.

This is one of the most fundamental reasons why we created SAP Analytics Hub. Built on SAP Cloud PlatformSAP Analytics Hub makes it easy to centralize access to analytics scattered throughout your business. Knowing that many customers today use a variety of applications from more than one company depending on the business need, you can centralize sources from both SAP and third-party applications and platforms. To make adoption enjoyable throughout business users, the Analytics Hub also recommends analytics that the user will likely need based on their business or departmental roles. Think of Analytics Hub as business users favourite portal for all their most relevant analytics dashboards.


Bringing real-time data into executive decision making with SAP Digital Boardroom

Built on SAP Analytics Cloud, SAP Digital Boardroom equips executives, directors and operations leaders with real-time contextual information and ad hoc analysis through large, interactive touch-screen displays. This next-generation solution unifies line of business data across the organization from SAP S/4HANA and other SAP and non-SAP applications to provide a single source of data.

Some lesser known benefits of SAP Digital Boardroom include the ability to take the exact same boardroom dashboards with you on the go through our native iOS app. Along with taking your dashboards anywhere, we provide free quick start analytics dashboards and models for Digital Boardroom and Analytics Cloud customers through what we're calling Content Packs. This content helps you build professional dashboards that are customized for specific lines of business such as Finance, HR or Marketing, and also for specific industries.


Bringing smart analytics to business, seamlessly with SAP Analytics Cloud

At first glance, you may be tempted to think SAP Analytics Cloud is just a cloud BI solution. This couldn't be further from the truth. Once you've have had a chance to try it - the difference is obvious. When we began building SAP Analytics Cloud our vision was and continues to be to enable business with the best and most important analytical capabilities to achieve success. In the world of modern analytics, this means enabling users to connect to any type of data and apply intuitive planning, business intelligence, and smart technologies — all in a single, integrated application. As the name suggests, SAP Analytics Cloud is cloud-based and built on the SAP Cloud Platform. Being built on the SAP Cloud Platform not only opens up a world of opportunity for connectivity, but also allows users to leverage the power of SAP HANA which provides the power behind SAP Cloud Platform.

Some of the most recent innovations to SAP Analytics Cloud include enhanced data access for live connections (such as the SAP Business Warehouse application and SAP S/4HANA) that support hybrid data scenarios. This hybrid support couldn't be more important. Many businesses today struggle to connect their older on-premise investments to their modern cloud applications. With SAP Analytics Cloud, we are making it easier to work in these hybrid environments so you can both manage existing investments and innovate without constraints. To learn how one of our customers, DuluxGroup are enabling a hybrid scenario, check out our conversation from TechEd Las Vegas, here:

Of note as well is our new smart data discovery and preparation, built directly into SAP Analytics Cloud. These features apply machine learning capabilities to your data and can automatically uncover hidden insights and guide business users with recommendations that they otherwise may have missed. Our smart technology also removes a lot of the headaches out of data preparation, making it easier to enhance and improve data quality.

Of course, this update only covers a sliver of all the new innovations within analytics. To keep up to date on what's new in our analytics cloud solutions, I recommend that you follow the community posts, here:

To learn more about what we announced at SAP TechEd Las Vegas 2017, read the press release, here: