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Product and Topic Expert

Recently, I have attended several presentations in which the SAP speaker states that when it comes to SAP user experience, “everything is Fiori.” Many of my customers and colleagues have asked me what this means, especially in the context of SAP Screen Personas. In this blog, I will attempt to clarify this statement and show how SAP Screen Personas complements SAP Fiori UX.

The definition of Fiori has changed

When we originally launched SAP Fiori, it was a collection of apps to replace the most commonly used functions of SAP Business Suite.These apps had several very important characteristics.

SAP Fiori means: simple, role-based, responsive, coherent, and delightful.


The market embraced this approach to disaggregating SAP software, such as CRM, SRM, HCM, and SCM, into relevant tasks and activities for end user roles across the enterprise.

In response, we created more apps for more user roles to make more functions of SAP ERP accessible through a variety of devices. Based on continued positive feedback, we expanded the meaning of SAP Fiori to include not just the apps, but also represent the concept, design and technology. Now, SAP Fiori is the new user experience for SAP software, across solutions such as S4HANA, SAP Simple Finance and SAP Business Suite. This is what we mean by “everything is Fiori.”

A consistent user experience across SAP functionality

Frequently, I hear customers express their desire for a consistent user experience across SAP. For some organizations, this means a single entry point. For others, they want all SAP applications to have some family resemblance. For example, when you use Microsoft Office, Word, Excel, and PowerPoint all do different things, but they have a similar look and feel.

Several solutions have emerged over the years from SAP that provide elements of a unified user experience. NetWeaver Business Client (NWBC), the SAP Portal, and now Fiori Launchpad are all essentially shells to hold other content such as Dynpro-based transaction screens or Web Dynpro applications. Or even new Fiori applications.

The UX strategy covers new and existing applications

If you think about the SAP UX strategy, we offer a three-pronged approach: New, Renew, Enable. With the updated Fiori definition, we now deliver all new applications with the Fiori user experience. And many renewed parts of SAP ERP are available with the Fiori user experience (the aforementioned apps).

What about all the remaining functionality in the Business Suite? There are over 10,000 SAP-provided transaction codes in the SAP GUI, through which over 80% of users still access SAP. This is where SAP Screen Personas fits in. It enables you to modify any SAP GUI transaction so it has the Fiori characteristics.

SAP Screen Personas lets you make SAP ERP transactions look like Fiori apps.

Making everything look like Fiori with SAP Screen Personas is often faster and easier than developing custom applications, if the underlying transactions do most of what you want.

While many customers are embracing the Fiori design, you can use whatever visual design you want to make the screens consistent with how you consume enterprise applications at your company. I have seen some customers integrate SAP transactions into their corporate portal using SAP Screen Personas. The resulting screens do not look anything like classic SAP. Some users do not even realize they are using SAP.

I have heard some people say that SAP Screen Personas and Fiori are ways to deliver cloud-like usability for on-premise systems. Certainly, they are a great way to prepare your company for the cloud and help you run simple.

Everything is Fiori means better usability for you

Who would not want their enterprise software to be intuitive, optimized for specific user roles, and run on a variety of devices? This is what the Fiori user experience is all about. SAP Screen Personas is a great way for you to deliver this capability to your users.

Here is a style guide that allows you to build Fiori designs using SAP Screen Personas 3.0.

For the SAP Screen Personas product team, peter.spielvogel.