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I attended this year’s European Utility Week in Amsterdam which was filled with messages of dynamic changes ahead for the Utility industry not only in Europe, but globally with speakers from all over the world providing their opinions. I would like to share some observations that I found of interest.

Predictions from the keynote speakers included acceleration toward renewable energy provided by utilities and non-utilities occurring now enabled by a mashup of technologies like advancements in Photovoltaic technology, wind turbine capacity, advanced battery technologies, and leveraging IoT devices. Presentations also focused on the customer participation as prosumers and advanced technologies like Blockchain, machine learning and AI combined with best practices for better customer engagement.

Cedrik Neike, Member of

Siemens Managing

Board, presenting a

keynote about the 3D

Model of Energy;

Decarbonization through

Decentralization and

Digitalization. Cedrik

presents an example of

Blockchain based peer-to-

peer energy trading

in Brooklyn, New York.


One of the greatest opportunities for utilities moving forward is the ability to manage big data from IoT devices like smart meters and smart grid devices. Advanced solution strategies like SAP’s Leonardo for Utilities to manage big data from distributed energy resources (DER), battery technologies and Blockchain were validated in most of the keynotes, track sessions and on the exhibit floor.

SAP held a series of

Microforums where I

highlighted SAP's

Digital Utility strategy,

Leonardo Portfolio and

Cloud for Energy.

These are cloud-based

solutions to address

the need for a real-

time utility platform.


Holger Schweinfurth, SAP

Chief Solution Manager,

then talked in a Micro-

forum about Cloud for

Energy to address the

need for utilities to

better manage big data

from smart meters and

smart grid devices.


Gero Bieser, Chief

Solution Manager,

presented in a

Microforum SAP's

Leonardo portfolio

focusing on a Digital

Asset Management

strategy leveraging




SAP is member of ESMIG and

for the past several years at

European Utility Week, SAP

has hosted a Business Women's

Network session to discuss

topics of interest for Business

Women in the utility industry.

At this year's event, Malaya

Toll, SAP Senior Industry

Value Engineer from Melbourne,

Australia provide insights

and her experiences as a

leader at SAP.


I found that this year’s European Utility Week was filled with new ideas on how to address the dynamic utility industry’s challenges ahead with Decarbonization driving Decentralization and Digitization. As professionals in the utility industry, it is our challenge to implement these new business models and processes leveraging advanced tools and techniques.