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The goal for SAP HANA, express edition is to make it simpler for developers to get hands-on with HANA by reducing the out of the box footprint, and allowing HANA to run on resource constrained hosts – without giving up developer centric functionality.


This is quite a goal – HANA is an in-memory platform, and contains a range of built in specialty data processing engines (for example, predictive analytics, text, graph, document store, spatial…) which directly runs on a single copy of the data.


Spatial data processing and analysis is critical in today’s mobile first and IOT centric world, and having the ability to do spatial data processing without copying and moving data not only simplifies application architectures, but eliminates any decision latency – your applications access real time data, stored in memory.


The spatial engine was released in 2013, with SP06, and Esri has been one of our primary partners in the development and evolution of the spatial capabilities.    We’ve extended that collaboration, by ensuring ArcGIS Pro can be used with SAP HANA, express edition (HXE), and have built new tutorials and content to make it easy to get going.


To learn more about how this all works, check out this blog.


ArcGIS Pro is Esri’s next-generation, 64-bit, flagship desktop GIS application. Technologically ahead of everything else on the market, this powerful application provides professional 2D and 3D mapping in an intuitive interface. You can think of ArcGIS Pro as a big step forward – one that advances visualization, analytics, image processing, data management and integration.


ArcGIS Pro is the foundational piece of the ArcGIS platform to create beautiful maps and meaningful geographic services that can be printed, shared as web services, or integrated with other platforms. With its powerful SDK, ArcGIS Pro can be customized and focused on the workflows of your organization and customers.


To get started, check out this  As always, interact with us on the HXE community page and on the Esri developer center.


For more information on spatial capabilities in SAP HANA, go here.


Visit to see what SAP is doing at the ESRI User Conference.