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When submitting electronic documents via Peppol Exchange Service for the cloud edition of SAP Document Compliance you can receive some specific responses in the eDocument Cockpit of your backend system, for which you may require some help to interpret.

In these cases the eDocument status will be set to Error at Sending Access Point. You can check the detailed error by accessing the menu option Go to->Application Log or double click the folder icon in the File column of the electronic document.

Here is a list of possible errors and the recommended actions for you to solve the issue:

Participant ID XYZ does not exist in the Master Data Management App. This is required for sending invoices from the backend system to the cloud service.


As the message is stating you need to access the dashboard of Peppol Exchange Service and add the sender participant ID XYZ in the Master Data Management App. After you enter the participant ID information and save the entry, the sending operation is going to be enabled. This participant ID has to be the one you have assigned to the sending company code in your back-end system.

In case you want to be able to also receive documents for this participant ID, you can simply register for sending and receiving by accessing the activate button in the app. However, this is not required to make the sending work and solve the mentioned above error.

The Receiver with Peppol participant ID XYZ is not registered to the Peppol network.


This means that the participant ID XYZ to which you are trying to submit documents is not available in Peppol network and therefore is not able to receive any documents. This is the identifier you have maintained in your customer/business partner master data in your backend system.

  • In case this is your own participant ID, if you test with yourself, then you should ensure that the participant XYZ is enabled for both sending and receiving documents in the Master Data Management application of your Peppol Exchange Service dashboard.

  • In case you got the receiver ID from your customer, you will have to get in contact with your customer and ask for clarification by specifying that their participant ID XYZ is not registered in Peppol Network. They should inform you once the issue is solved and you can resubmit the document afterwards.

You should never register your customer's participants ID in your Master Data Management App of your dashboard. It is your customer's responsibility to register their participants in the Peppol Network.

Document Identifier ABC is not supported by the Receiver with Peppol participant ID XYZ.


This happens when you try to submit a document using a document type and version (BIS 3.0, X-Rechnung 2.0 etc.) to a participant which doesn't support it. It could be the case that the participant is supporting only an older version of the document type, but the system is initially trying to send the latest version.

In this case the service will return a list of participant's supported document types to the backend system and will automatically match it with the document types supported by the solution.

What you will need to do is to simply resubmit the document from the eDocument Cockpit. At resubmit the determined document type, which is both supported by the service and the receiver, will be used and therefore the operation will be successful. In the subsequent documents that you will send to this receiver the updated document type and version will be used.


For more documentation about the product you can access the product page of Peppol Exchange Service for the cloud edition of SAP Document Compliance.

If you have questions about SAP Document Compliance, you can post your question here.