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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
SAP Business Process automation Error Free 10 steps to work on 'TRIAL VERSION'.

Purpose - This blog post serves how to setup your SAP BTP Trial account and use Business Process Automation ( Featured for Low Code No Code ).

Introduction -

What is LCNC ( Low Code No Code ) ?

Low code no code is an offering from SAP BTP specifically for citizen developers or functional or end users where you can develop applications without any lines of code or minimal code, using LCNC Tools.

on top of that you can also automate your work process by creating work flow to make a decision which is optimized with clean core.


Lets get started setting up an account -  please follow the below steps to create business process automation setup in your BTP Trial Account


step -1 Create your BTP Cockpit Trial account 

we will create a BTP Cockpit account which serves Cloud based applications and we have to sign up for free tier and followed by creating a sub account which should be AWS US EAST(VA)


step - 2 AWS US EAST ( VA ) Region 

Step-3 go to Entitlements - Entity assignments - select trial from the F4 selection

Step-4 configure entitle assignments 

Step-5 now if you go to services -  service market place - select Extension suite digital process auomation in the drop down - SAP Business Process automation should be enabled.

Step-6 now go to instances subscriptions. you should see the SAP BPA should be subscribed.


Step - 7 - Now check the Roles and Role collections


Step -8 Click on each roles and assign the user as shown below.

Step - 9 Now open the below subscribed sap business process automation application from instances and subscriptions.


Step-10 if the application still cant launch and says 'ACCESS DENIED CONTACT ADMINISTRATOR'


open the application is Incognito mode and try to clear the cookies from the browser.


Step - 11 Launch the application again



I found SAP BTP Business Process automation  to be a powerful Low Code No Code tool with great features and functionalities.

I will keep my learning journey on post this challenge as there is still lots of functionalities and features which needs to be explored.

To see LCNC in action, check out the SAP Low-Code/No-Code Learning Journey – designed to increase low-code/no-code skills and teach citizen developers the basic concepts of software development including SAP AppGyver, SAP Process Automation, and SAP Work Zone and learn how to build mobile apps for free. You can even earn a Certified Citizen Developer Associate badge after completing this learning journey. Check out LCNC and much more free learning at SAP Learning site.

Keep Learning & Keep Sharing!!