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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert

Introduction -

In Water Purifier as a service with SAP  Internet of Things (IoT) – Part 1 we understood the smart purifier use case and how it will be using SAP Cloud Platform Internet of Things (IoT) service to build the demo.

Prerequisites -

  1. Subscribe to SAP  IoT and assign the required roles to the user.

  2. Create Instance and service key of SAP  IoT service in your CF space.

As the next step open the SAP IoT application and follow the steps mentioned below -


Select Packages tile to create a separate package for the smart purifier demo.

Create a package for this demo and name it pw.waterpurifier.pkg (You can use your choice package name).


Navigate back to the home screen and select Thing properties catalog where will be creating the new property set type with name waterpurifier_PST and respective measured values (literconsumed, temperature).


Request you to navigate back to the home screen and select the thing modeler tile where we are going to create a thing type with property set type waterpurifier_PST created in the last step. When you are creating a thing type means you are creating a water purifier model which later will be used to create an actual thing i.e. device.

Create a thing with an appropriate name and set property set type under basic data and measured values. Optionally you can upload the image of the model under the images section.


Now we have successfully created a thing (Purifier device) in SAP IoT which is a digital twin.

Please refer to my next blog where will create the actual device on SAP Internet of Things (IoT) service cockpit.