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The purpose of the blog series is for an SAP Champion to interview experts for them to showcase their expertise. Each blog provides valuable information to help community members understand,
why the certification is worthwhile, and how to get started.

Episode 1: How to get Certified in SAP BTP with Denys van Kempen
Episode 2: How to get Certified in SAP BTP | SAP Integration Suite with Denys van Kempen
Episode 3: How to get Certified in SAP BTP | SAP BTP Extension Suite with Denys van Kempen
Episode 4: How to get Certified in SAP BTP | Low-Code / No-Code with Chandra Bhushan Singh

You are encouraged to listen to the entire interview to get learn valuable information. Here are highlights from my 18-minute interview with c-b.singh.

🤔 BTP Certification | SAP (What)

Andrew: I am Andrew Lunde and an SAP Champion. Today I am doing my fourth interview on SAP BTP certification with my fellow community member c-b.singh so that he can share his expertise in SAP Low-code / No-code.

🏅 Learn New Things & Get Recognized (Why)

Andrew: Chandra, can you first tell us a little bit yourself, and your experience getting certified in SAP LCNC?

Chandra: It was a wonderful experience and let me first tell you about myself. I’m a part of SAP working as a customer success partner and trusted advisor to our customers. Now coming to my certification, I recently became an SAP certified citizen developer. The reason I took the certification is as a trusted advisor to clients I must present with confidence. Another aspect is in terms of having a professional certification to build my knowledge and skills in LCNC. I have been a professional developer for more than a decade and being a citizen developer is like adding a “topping” on top of the experience that I already have.

All of the training materials that you need to get certified on SAP Low-Code/No-Code Applications for Citizen Developers is free.

Andrew: What kind of effort did it take – hours, days, weeks for you to prepare for the certification?

Chandra: I prepared a strategy that I shared in the community: My journey of becoming a Certified Citizen Developer with 6-Step Strategy. As part of my strategy, I selected different resources and my first, and most important include and SAP Community blogs. I express my gratitude to the creators of the learning material because it caters to citizen developers. You don’t need developer skills or coding skills to become a citizen developer. The simplest way is – if you have the business experience and business process knowledge then this certification is the best certification for you. I feel that this skill is very valuable to the ecosystem.

To be exact it took me 18 hours to go through all materials, hands-on experience, and quizzes. I invested time to know about the tool. I can boast knowledge of the tool now and I feel better that people can rely on my advice. I feel that people can trust me. Invest time and get to know the requirements. My advice to everyone listening if you are a professional developer, it doesn’t mean not to take the certification in LCNC and get into the space. It only enhances your skillset. For the business community you relied before on the IT/developers. Now you have a tool for you.

💼 What’s Next (How)

Andrew: For the first time there is a common language? Wow. The way you’ve describe seems very approaching for the non-developer. You make a point that really embracing citizen developer mentality and getting familiar with the toolset gives you a common language, metaphor, and tool to interact with the experts. It is a common playground.

You are describing and building together in the same sort of space. What do you recommend on how to get started?

Chandra: Yes, this is very good news. This is what I recommend:

  1. Decide the reason to get certified

  2. Make up mind your mind to get certified

  3. Start your journey from

It is easy.

Be sure to follow saptechengineer and read his blog Certification Guide for SAP BTP (Business Technology Platform).

I wish you all the best of with your certifications and career endeavors!

What is next –

  1. What is an SAP Champion?

  2. Follow andrew.lunde and c-b.singh in the community

  3. Copy 😊into the comments if you are thinking about getting certified.

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