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The purpose of the blog series is for an SAP Champion to interview experts for them to showcase their expertise. Each blog provides valuable information to help community members understand,
why the certification is worthwhile, and how to get started.

Episode 1: How to get Certified in SAP BTP with Denys van Kempen
Episode 2: How to get Certified in SAP BTP | SAP Integration Suite with Denys van Kempen
Episode 3: How to get Certified in SAP BTP | SAP BTP Extension Suite with Denys van Kempen
Episode 4: How to get Certified in SAP BTP | Low-Code / No-Code with Chandra Bhushan Singh

You are encouraged to listen to the entire interview to learn valuable information. Here are highlights from my 7-minute interview with denys.kempen.

🤔 BTP Certification | SAP Integration Suite (What)

Andrew: I am Andrew Lunde and an SAP Champion. Today, I am doing my third interview on SAP BTP certification with my colleague denys.kempen so that he can share his expertise in SAP Extension Suite. Denys is well-known in the SAP Community for keeping up on what is new and sharing with others what he learned as well as his experience. You may have read his blog Get Certified – SAP Extension Suite | SAP BTP Certification Video Tutorials or taken his tutorials in the past.

🏅 Learn New Things & Get Recognized (Why)

Andrew: Denys, can you first tell us a little bit yourself, and a little bit about how to learn SAP Extension Suite?

Denys: Appreciate the invitation again to talk about SAP BTP Certification. I spent most of my career with SAP and the HANA Academy to help provide free learning and tutorials to help others learn new technology with hands-on ‘show and tell.’ This year I’m covering the SAP BTP certifications including free learning materials and certification.

All of the training materials that you need to get certified on SAP Extension Suite is free.

Andrew: What does the Extension Suite help to facilitate?

Denys: It is a development certification, so you need to know some programming language. The exam doesn’t test your programming knowledge, but instead your SAP knowledge.

Before we dive in it may be useful to talk about ‘what are extensions.’ Extensibility and Cloud are closely connected. Previously when systems were on premise when you acquired enterprise software (e.g., CRM) it worked for maybe 90-95%. There always has been customization with enterprise software. It is different in the Cloud. So, you need to make extensions, customize your enterprise software to do something especially for your vertical. SAP Extension Suite has brought together services to extend in a simple way those enterprise applications.

Andrew: Why should I be interested in getting certified? What is the time commitment, and what am I up for to do this?

Denys: All companies are moving to the Cloud. So, all companies will face this situation that their application almost does what it needs but also needs to be adapted. So, once you know SAP Extension Suite you can do this with HANA, Ariba and others. It is a really good investment of your time if this is what you are interested in doing. With Extension Suite once you are familiar you can use these tools.

💼 What’s Next (How)

Andrew: How can everyone get started?

Denys: It is a really good investment of your time. All of the training material is available for free Learn Developing with SAP Extension Suite and it will take you about 11 hours. My suggestion is:

  • take the learning journey

  • pay attention because the questions can be tricky

  • make notes

  • then you are ready for the exam

  • Also, share your learning and certifications success in SAP Learning Groups!

Be sure to follow saptechengineer and read his blog Certification Guide for SAP BTP (Business Technology Platform).

I wish you all the best of with your certifications and career endeavors!

What is next –

  1. What is a SAP Champion?

  2. Follow andrew.lunde and denys.kempen in the community

  3. Copy 😊into the comments if you are thinking about getting certified.