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The purpose of the blog series is for an SAP Champion to interview experts for them to showcase their expertise. Each blog provides valuable information to help community members understand,
why the certification is worthwhile, and how to get started.

Episode 1: How to get Certified in SAP BTP with Denys van Kempen
Episode 2: How to get Certified in SAP BTP | SAP Integration Suite with Denys van Kempen
Episode 3: How to get Certified in SAP BTP | SAP BTP Extension Suite with Denys van Kempen
Episode 4: How to get Certified in SAP BTP | Low-Code / No-Code with Chandra Bhushan Singh

  • You are encouraged to listen to the entire interview to learn valuable information. Here are highlights from my 13-minute interview with denys.kempen.

     SAP BTP Certification | SAP Integration Suite (What)

    Andrew: Today I am doing my second interview on SAP BTP certification with my colleague denys.kempen so that he can share his expertise in SAP Integration Suite. Denys is well-known in the SAP Community for keeping up on what is new, and sharing with others what he learned as well as his experience.

    You may have read his blog Get Certified – SAP Integration Suite | SAP BTP Certification Video Tutorials or taken his tutorials in the past.

     Learn New Things & Get Recognized (Why)

    Andrew: Tell us a little bit about SAP Integration Suite, and why it is a great idea to be certified in it.

    Denys: SAP Integration Suite is a mature product and the need for integration has been around for years. For any enterprise you need to connect SAP and non-SAP systems. This could be for data integration, data warehousing tooling and process integration. For example, you may be working in your customer and human resource environments, and you want to connect the processes. So again, this not new. Now when moving to the cloud you want to integrate your different products. So, this is what SAP Integration Suite helps you with. All of the training materials that you need to get certified on SAP Integration Suite is free.

    Andrew: What is the primary intent for the SAP Integration Suite?

    Denys: It brings together data and business processes. It is a core center technology of SAP BTP.

    Andrew: So much is readily available to get ready to be certified. We see on your screen the SAP Discovery Center. What is this about?

    Denys: The SAP Discover Center is the one place to go to learn and get information on any service that is being hosted on SAP BTP. The SAP Discovery Center presents missions and I recommend that you look at the services catalog. I’m showing this because you can see the capabilities and solutions. Specifically, you can see SAP Discovery Center – Get Started with Integration Suite ( where you can see multiple products. For the certification you are getting certified on the tools.

     What’s Next (How)

    Andrew: How can everyone get started?

    Denys: Let’s switch to Free SAP Online Courses to see what is available for SAP Integration Suite. You can see the overview page that outlines sample questions. It shows you exactly how the certification will look like as well as the type of questions. It is not text heavy, and is simple to understand what you can expect when taking the exam. You can also see the topic areas so that you can prepare. You will have a quiz during your learning to assess your knowledge.

    Andrew: Sounds like it is well contained. Thank you for run-down Denys. Remember you have access to the entire SAP Community and don’t be afraid to go there. We are here to help you as a community. looking at Free SAP Online Courses to see what is most interesting for you.

    We will be back for future episodes. Thanks for joining us.

    Also, share your learning and certifications success in SAP Learning Groups | SAP Community!

    Be sure to follow saptechengineer and read his blog Certification Guide for SAP BTP (Business Technology Platform).

    I wish you all the best of with your certifications and career endeavors!

    What is next –

    1. What is an SAP Champion?

    2. Follow andrew.lunde and denys.kempen in the community

    3. Copy  into the comments if you are thinking about getting certified.

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