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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert

The purpose of the blog series is for an SAP Champion to interview experts for them to showcase their expertise. Each blog provides valuable information to help community members understand,
why the certification is worthwhile, and how to get started.

Episode 1: How to get Certified in SAP BTP with Denys van Kempen
Episode 2: How to get Certified in SAP BTP | SAP Integration Suite with Denys van Kempen
Episode 3: How to get Certified in SAP BTP | SAP BTP Extension Suite with Denys van Kempen
Episode 4: How to get Certified in SAP BTP | Low-Code / No-Code with Chandra Bhushan Singh

You are encouraged to listen to the entire interview to learn valuable information. Here are highlights from my 9-minute interview with denys.kempen (see below).

🤔 SAP BTP Certification (What)

Andrew: Today I am interviewing Denys van Kempen so that he can share his expertise in SAP Business Technology Platform (SAP BTP). Denys is well-known in the SAP Community for keeping up on what is new and sharing with others what he learned as well as his experience.

You may have read his blog Get Certified: SAP Business Technology Platform | SAP Certified Associate | Tutorial Video or taken his tutorials in the past.

🏅 Learn New Things & Get Recognized (Why)

What are your thoughts on certifications in general, and why?

Denys: It's just a great way how you can learn new things. You can compare it to when you want to run, and you don’t just sign up for a 10k. You start with goals first. It is a way to get motivated as well as to help you set a goal. I’ve been doing this for a while and have gotten many certifications over the years. So, for me personally, it has been a way to reach my personal goals.

Andrew: Certifications are unique and findable. Having on your resume updated with certifications may help you. People see certifications and they know that you have experience. If you are new to the developer support system, what does it cost and where do I start?

Denys: A great way to approach is a learning journey. In the past there was a significant cost to get certified. For BTP certifications there is a new learning site called There you can find a list of certifications. New ones are being added regularly. What is important is that all the training is free which I think is excellent.

💼 What’s Next (How)

SAP TechEd is our annual technical conference. I encourage everyone to seek this out. This video is an introduction to the whole concept of certification and what it means in the context of SAP BTP. Denys, what should our listeners check out first?

Denys: Definitely. I recommend that you start by looking at Free SAP Online Courses | SAP Learning to see what is most interesting for you.

Andrew: That’s easy. Thanks Denys. We invite you to follow the upcoming video series to get educated on the different certifications that are available. We will get into the meat of each certification.

See you in the next video to pick it up then. Also, share your learning and certifications success in SAP Learning Groups!

Be sure to follow saptechengineer and read his blog Certification Guide for SAP BTP (Business Technology Platform).

I wish you all the best with your certifications and career endeavors!

What is next –

  1. What is an SAP Champion?

  2. Follow andrew.lunde in the Community

  3. Visit the SAP Business Technology Platform topic page

  4. Copy 😊 into the comments if you are thinking about getting certified.