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Background: You are attempting to run the WPC migration and are encountering issues with the migration tool i.e. it stops functioning.

Obstacle: When attempting to run the migration you encounter an issue which prevents the process from running smoothly

What You See: Error encountered migrating resource: /wpccontent/Sites/WEBSITETRE/Site Content/Work4/ABCDXYZ Error encountered during processing: Could not find Content/Work4.

Environment Affected: KMC Web Page Composer, Enterprise Portal 7.30 , SAP NetWeaver Composition Environment

Steps Towards Encountering Issue: Log into Enterprise Portal. When attempting to run the WPC Migration and upon further inspection you identify two core error exception highlights pertaining to "Error encountered migrating resource" & "Error encountered during processing". After the WPC Migration fails to run and complete you attempt to run the WPC Migration Cleaner and then the WPC Standalone Migration tool manually. The error exceptions do not indicate an issue with the WPC Migration tool itself but rather the content to be migrated.

Why: A webpage contained within the ‘Site Content’ folder is not a supported scenario.

Solution: If the WPC migration is failing and upon further inspection of the default trace file you note a reference of  ‘Error encountered migrating resource’ this indicates a discrepancy.This error  ‘Error encountered migrating resource’ message when pointing to content in the Site Content folder indicates a conflicting folder setup. Here you need to ensure that there are no web pages stored in the Site Content folder.