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Modern business requirements and operational enhancements within organizations holster the need to perform regular upgrades and system changes in order to conform to optimal functional environments. Netweaver (NW) upgrades, SP deployments within the Portal Landscape and content Transports/Migration are all too familiar within everyday work processes.


The Web Page Composer or WPC for short provides Portal end-users with a means of combining dynamic Web based content with "in-house" business applications and functions. Essentially the WPC setup within an Enterprise Portal environment can be regarded as a platform through which users can work with both official (SAP) & third party content, elements, information and data.

Core Elements in association to WPC

  • Web Content
  • Articles
  • Banners
  • Sites
  • Link listing

WPC Versions


  • WPC 1.0
  • WPC 2.0

Can I Copy Content from WPC 1.0 for utilization in WPC 2.0?

For a means of a working example let us imagine that we are moving and transporting a site from WPC 1.0 to WPC 2.0. The need for content handling within WPC 2.0 could have arise as a direct result of a recent upgrade or perhaps an FPN (Federated Portal Network) setup is in place with different Portal versions. By FPN here I am making reference to an example of different Portal versions being used within the same environment type.

  • A key point to highlight and consider here is the changes between versioning.
  • There are multiple changes in the configuration, framework and functionality of the Web Page Composer application between WPC 1.0 and WPC 2.0.

Can I Copy Content from WPC 1.0 for utilization in WPC 2.0 (ii) ?

So upon attempting to take content from WPC 1.0 (EP 7.30-) and holster it within WPC 2.0 (EP 7.30+) you notice a peculiar behavior e.g. Rendering issues, HTML embedding and syntax and Scripting errors.

Why am I encountering this behavior?

The migration/transport of WPC content from an EP 7.0 portal to another separate portal on EP 7.30 is NOT officially supported.

  • Officially it is recommended to upgrade the existing 7.0 system to 7.3 to migrate the WPC content.

However as highlighted there may be situations where 7.3 is installed on a separate system and it is not desired to upgrade the existing 7.0 system. In such a case,the content has to be migrated in a different way.

  • Remember with WPC 1.0 and WPC 2.0 there is a jump in versioning & functional display

Initial Troubleshooting

Therefore if you notice any change in behavior regarding WPC which came into affect on your system setup after an upgrade/change/migration etc I would strongly recommend reviewing the core troubleshooting blog posting below as this will provide you with guidance and additional insight:

Troubleshooting Migration Issues in Web Page Composer :

I still need to copy the content

There are four methods to achieve the "copy" smoothly (by this I mean display should be fitted to business requirements and appear correctly).