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You are utilizing the Universal Worklist and notice than upon logging into the Enterprise Portal (EP) and loading the UWL (GUI) Interface the Inbox is empty and no work-items are being displayed.From the end-users perspective the empty Inbox means no work-items or work-tasks become visible thus affecting business operations .e.g. approval of sales orders, tracking purposes or travel requests.

High Level Analysis

As with any issue the first investigation steps are in true essence the most vital. From a high level perspective you can easily eliminate probable causes and root sources with a few simple analysis points to follow:

  • Has there been recent UWL Changes or System Upgrades, could this have played a role?
  • Is the issue occurring for all users (if not are we dealing with permissions or authorizations)?
  • Are the Connectors currently maintained in association to the UWL being maintained correctly (check the status column)?

Examine the Default Trace

When we are dealing with missing work-items or work tasks the default trace becomes a vital source of reference. When viewing a default trace file you are examining the underlying operations of a system setup. From the perspective of the UWL if there is a small discrepancy in the configuration this will become apparent in the trace itself and return error exception highlights or warnings.

Common Culprits

Depending on what the error exception being returned is most cases of missing work-items can be sourced down to mis-configurations of the smallest proportions. Ordinarily you will see highlights such as the following:

  • Problem occurred while creating JCO for client destination SAP_SRM
  • Problem occurred while creating JCO for client destination SAP_ECC etc
  • User is missing credentials for connecting to alias "ABCXYZ".


Here we need to remember the underlying core function mechanism through which the UWL Functions and operates which is that of the UWL Destination Service Configuration. All of the above error exceptions are making direct reference to this configuration setup and indicates a small discrepancy in the settings and parameters being maintained.


The core baseline note to follow here (carefully) is that of SAP Note: 1133821 - UWL Destination Service Configuration.

By following the documentation above we can ensure that the RFC destination is missing or is not configured properly.

After the note is implemented and the WebFlowConnector re-created the cache should be cleared and the backend re-registered.

Solution Part 2

Check that after applying Note 1133821 the destination names and the UWL connector names exactly match, even considering case-sensitiveness.

If your portal system alias (=UWL connector name) is for example XYZCLNT100, then the RFC destination name should be exactly XYZCLNT100$WebFlowConnector. Please correct the RFC destination accordingly.

After you have checked/prepared the RFC destination for the future use:

  • Please delete that connector in the UWL config UI (Portal->SystemAdministration->System Configuration->Universal Worklist) with which you would like to use this RFC destination.

After that

  • Restart the portal cluster
  • Recreate and Re-Register connector.
  • Now retest.  Are you still seeing the issue?

I must stress that this particular documentation note and the steps outlined above need to be followed precisely and carefully to resolve this particular error exception and the surrounding issue.