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If you are familiar with the Universal Worklist from an end-users perspective you will know that the UWL itself serves as a centralized task management platform for a wide array of processes.The purpose of such task types or work-items varies surrounding business operations and can include sales orders, travel requests, leave requests or tracking setups. The management of such tasks is of vital importance as you can imagine due to the association they share to an organizations business operations and general practices.

Item Restriction

On ocasion organizational requirements will require preferential setups pertaining to the type of workitems entering the Inbox. Business preference may mean a requirement has been highlighted to restrict the item types entering the UWL Inbox and being subequently presented to end-users. In order to achieve this desired setup certain filter configurations need to be maintained as the UWL follows two primary pull operations as its baseline means of functionality. When an end-users firstly opens the UWL tasks are pulled from the backend systems (across connectors) into the UWL Cache. A second pull operation then takes place and the workitems/tasks are pulled from the cache into the UWL Interface.

Informative Insight

The key properties to "restrict" different item types from entering the UWL are that of "supported item types" and "excluded item types".

A key point of reference here which can add an additional point of guidance comes in the form of the following WIKI:

The WIKI outlined above can be utilized as a walkthrough to return the desired behavior.

The key point to highlight surrounding not being able to locate the options (let me reference the wiki) is that "These properties are available only when a new WebFlowConnector is being created or an existing WebflowConnector is being edited.They are not available with any other connector".

I Cannot Locate "supported item types" & "excluded item types".

On ocasion you may try to setup the restirction through the Universal Worklist UI Settings although when attempting to locate "supported item types" & "excluded item types" you cannot seem to find the corresponding field (values).

Surrounding specifying supported and excluded item types per connector level this is a relatively new feature and involved an architectural change.

The SAP Note documentation which introduces this functionality is that of:

  • SAP Note: 1857729 - Enhanced filtering by UWL WebFlowConnector by item type

As highlighted within the note documentation itself this feature is provided in two resolution parts:

  1. ABAP code to support this at backend side

  2. UWLJWF code to support this on UWL side

In order to obtain this functionality you need to be operating a Product Version level of NW 7.30 SP (Support Package) 10 minimum.

Please be advised that you will need to also upgrade the ABAP system, in case the ABAP system is currently on a release lower than the one where the ABAP feature is provided.