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Backdrop: You are attempting to display your corporate news feed to your external facing customers through an external facing portal. The RSS feed setup is based upon a custom portal component containing a par file based iView

Retrieving Data:  This retrieves the RSSFeeds URL from the JSP file

Error Exception: It returns a Connection Timed out Error e.g. Connection time out: 00:00_00/00/15_0002_123456789 [EXCEPTION] Connection timed out: connect at Method) www.http.HttpClient.<init>( at at at at

Testing the Behavior

  1. Log into Enterprise Portal.
  2. In the portal, navigate to the external portal via System Administration -> System Configuration -> (external e.g. CRM) iView.
  3. When attempting to run the standard out of the box iView defined to call the RSSFeeds URL you encounter http connectivity runtime errors accompanied by a subsequent timeout.
  4. Also in the integrated XML iView associated trace files:
    • (\usr\sap\<SID>\<J2EE_instance_number>\j2ee\cluster\<server#>\log\) you also see highlights of these Connection Timeout errors.

Why is this issue occurring?

Timeout issues in such a scenario are ordinarily thrown in association to server connection issues in addition to proxy service discrepancies. These configured services need to be maintained within SAP NetWeaver Administrator.

Resolving the Issue for the RSS Setup

  1. Log into Enterprise Portal.
  2. Firstly verify the URL's accessibilityvia the portal/j2ee server by navigating to the feed e.g. "".
  3. Ensure the proxy service is configured correctly in the module.
  4. To specify the proxy server property values, configure the following application service: navigate to System Administration → System Configuration → Service Configuration -> application.
  5. View the specified proxy server property values to ensure they are configured accordingly alongside firewalls. Important Consideration: Set the Override JVM settings to "true".
  6. Save/close the service -> Close the editor.

If you require further consultation on how to define a Proxy Server for the Portal: