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In Italian the word Fiore means flower :smile: and as we know in purely environmental terms flowers in their purest form represent naturalism and add a degree of alluring beauty to any landscape. You will be pleased to know that this blog posting is not directed towards descriptive overviews on the natural environment but rather software and the way it is presented and interacted with.


This blog posting covers firstly the characteristics and principles behind Fiori's Development & secondly its relationship with the Enterprise Portal.


Enter SAP Fiori


In the modern world of software technology, aesthetically pleasing displays which demonstrate consistent synergistic "look & feel" displays across complex environments are a cornerstone for successful business processes. Successful UI's (User Interfaces) incorporate must always incorporate multiple element principles and characteristics to be deemed "effective". SAP Fiori is the latest hot topic software making strides in the workplace and organizational environments.


What is Fiori?


SAP Fiori in true essence can best be described as a platform conduit which is used for Mobile Applications and is directly derived from NW (Netweaver). The best way to think of SAP Fiori is as a freshly updated interface that is utilized to interact with SAP S/W (software). As we know SAP already offers a broad and comprehensive set of different software program mechanisms that cover diverse functions from everything to "Purchase Orders" to "Leave Requests".


From a simple standpoint we can look at Fiori as the new updated way of interacting and seeing this applications in terms of display but SAP Fiori provides a little more than aesthetically pleasing displays (further reading:


Why Fiori


Independently created software or corporately driven software have a commonality which is that there are both subject to reviews from their end-users. End-Users and the experiences they report with software & applications are used as a critical platform from which benchmarks standards are derived in order to define, create and subsequently deliver a high quality standard software.


Fiori puts the User as the central point of attention and provides a simplistic, aesthetically pleasing and modern interface which is simply consistent and diversely functional.





Fiori & The Portal

Ok so as we discussed above there is a working relationship with Fiori and the Enterprise Portal. As we established previously in layman's terms Fiori can be regarded as a fresh-faced UI Presentation Layer. However there is an additional context to Fiori which is Fiori Applications, or Fiori Apps for short and these are broken across three spectrum's.

  • Analytical Applications

  • Transaction Applications

  • Fact-sheet Applications


Over the last 18 months Fiori has become quite prevalent in declaring its association and relationship to the Enterprise Portal :cool: . The primary aim of this blog series is to cover the basics surrounding Fiori to convey it's purpose, functionality and lastly its integration within the Portal.



Fiori Launchpad



The SAP Fiori Launchpad (FLP) is the functional body which essential holsters these Fiori Apps (Transaction, Analytical, Fact-Sheet). The FLP for end-users is the navigational means of accessing and interacting with these applications from a performance perspective. By "Performance" here I am making reference to the operational capabilities of these applications, functional flow, interaction and overall visual display. When we consider the Portal as a central point of access for multiple resources and applications we can also consider the FLP to be a central point of access for Fiori Applications.



Using the FLP on the Portal.


The Fiori Launchpad can be utilized alongside the Enterprise Portal and this is regarded as the "Fiori Launchpad on Portal".


The "Fiori Launchpad on Portal" can be interacted with in two primary ways


  1. Via Desktop

  2. Via Mobile Devices


The primary driver behind the utilization of the Fiori Launchpad on Portal is to provide end-users with the practical experience that Fiori itself offers.


The utilization of the Fiori Launchpad on Portal shares the same approach delivered within the normal Enterprise Portal environment although the way such an experience is display is different!



As we know the interaction with the Enterprise Portal is focused around a display container holstering a "Masthead", "Top-Level Navigation (TLN), "Content Area", & the "Detailed Level Navigation (DTN)". The SAP Fiori Launchpad on Portal incorporates the same elements but displays them in a different method through the use of Tiles & Catalogs. Both the Enterprise Portal & The SAP Fiori Launchpad on Portal adopt the same role approach i.e. Administrators maintain control over what content is displayed and can be utilized by end-user bases.



Try Fiori for Free (Trial)

In Part 2 I will cover the FLP (Fiori Launchpad) Setup within the Enterprise Portal.