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You are utilizing a setup that involves the Universal Worklist and end-users working alongside various workitems.  In the Universal Worklist (UWL) a number of workitems are displayed within the Inbox but do not change immediately after an action is performed.

For example "New/In Progress" along with "Completed" workitems remain in the UWL Inbox despite a manual refresh or action change.

Status Types:

  1. "New": The task is displayed in the task list of all potential owners. No potential owner has opened the task yet. When the actual owner of a task has put it back, the status of the task is also New and visible to all other potential owners.
  2. "In Progress": The task is claimed by one of the potential owners who has opened the task execution UI. When a task is opened, it is automatically claimed by the user and he or she becomes an actual owner. Thus, the task disappears from the task lists of all other potential owners.
  3. "Completed": The task is displayed in the Completed Tasks view. No other actions can be performed on the task. The Completed status focuses on the task life cycle completion, so that the task business goal is reached.

Why is the change not immediate?

When you open and run the UWL Service it takes a total of 5 minutes for all the tasks to be loaded up and represented back to the end user in graphical format as this is standard behavior.

UWL Functional Breakdown

The UWL works using two Pull operations. Firstly tasks are pulled from the backend into the UWL cache and they are then pulled a second time from the cache into the UWL User Interface. Due to this architecture there is an inherent delay in the automatic refreshes of the UWL. There is no way, in the current architecture that the UWL can refresh instantaneously. This is upon inital load as the cache must be built first upon logon so there will always be a delay. Real time refresh in the latest versions, is only when you complete a task. The Universal Worklist Task Filters follow the standard underlying functionality of the UWL refresh mechanism.

Improving the Refresh Interval & Filter Return Display

Let us remember that if you utilize the UWL within an environment that contains hundreds of work-items and end users there will be a lot of background activity each and every time the UWL is loaded. Reviewing the UWL core parameters and striking a balance among them is one of the best methods to create an optimal setup. The standard behaviour of the UWL remains that you will need to wait for 5 minutes for these changes to be updated regarding the workitems.