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As we begin 2017 organizations and business establishments will be discussing and prioritizing upgrade planning procedures surrounding the Enterprise Portal & surrounding NW Java environment. Given the right amount of experience you will be aware that there are a multitude of component areas which when combined together provide the Portal with its operational functionality.

This is a very quick blog snippet posting to highlight some changes surrounding Real Time Collaboration (RTC).

A vital point to highlight and consider surrounding NW & EP Versions is that by the end of 2017, EP 7.0X versions will no longer be supported, and therefore we suggest to upgrade to a higher version now and not wait till the last moment.

We suggest an upgrade to a Product Version of EP 7.5, which has the longest maintenance period, and moreover, you have many new features including the Fiori Framework Page and other features that are only available in the latest versions.

I have upgraded, and notice RTC Components are missing...

Recently I encountered a scenario in which a customer completed an upgrade to a fresh NW 7.5 installation and Product Version from NW 7.4. The upgrade and content migration went smoothly and no issues were encountered. However upon post evaluation processes and while reviewing Portal components there were some noted exemptions surrounding Real Time Collaboration.

RTC Components of Interest

  • RTC



Understandly this was at first glance a concern for the customer who thought important functional component areas had been omitted during the upgrade. However this was not the case as no functional constraints were noted leading the customer to believe that these components were simply decomissioned or replaced.

What happened to the components?
Firstly from the perspective of Real Time Collaboration (RTC). As part of the 7.50 Simplification Project the Real Time Collaboration (RTC) feature has indeed be removed hence the disppeareance of the associated underlying component levels.

There have been underlying coded changes and updates surrounding future release documentation to offer additional clarifications here.

You can find full details here: SAP Note: 2170926 - Deletion of software components in SAP NetWeaver 7.5