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Part One of this blog series covered the fundamentals behind the SAP Fiori Development and touched base on the makeup behind Fiori, Fiori Applications and the utilization of SAP Fiori Launchpad on Portal.

In this blog we will cover the integration between the Fiori Launchpad & the Enterprise Portal. As Fiori is relatively new & “fresh” in terms of large scale utilization it is beneficial to cover the basics before delving into anything too complex .

Checks & Pre-Requisite’s

As with any installation and system landscape one of the core recommendations is to always ensure that you have the latest SP’s (Support Packages) and Patch Level Releases applied to ensure potential issues are avoided and put to one side ? .

Now the SAP Fiori Launchpad on Portal is available only for newer Product Version(s) Release(s)

  • Netweaver (NW) 7.31 Support Package (SP) 12+

  • Netweaver (NW) 7.4 Support Package (SP) 7+

To cross reference compatibility and technical release information for further insight a review of the SAP PAM (Product Availability Matrix) is encouraged and recommended:

Fiori iView is blank i.e. No Content is being returned

Let's imagine you have Fiori Application within the Front-end Server (FES) which is called via the browser, the FES is maintained as a system within the Portal Landscape.

Despite configuring SSO correctly alongside the "Relative Path for SAP Fiori Application" property, once the Fiori tile is selected it returns no content (remains blank) once opened.

Why would this happen?

The Fiori iView may be enocuntering issues due to lost properties in the URL, enablement of the Handover Portal Stylesheet or small discrepancies.


The first point of configuration in terms of setting the SAP Fiori Launchpad on Portal up is to enable the property settings accordingly and this will be performed by a validated System Administrator who holds valid authorizations.

From a high level perspective one key point to check here is surrounding the "Handover Portal Stylesheet" property which has been known to cause issues similar to this.

  • The recommendation here would be to try and uncheck the Handover Portal Stylesheet and re-test the behavior.

Surrounding the "Relative Path for SAP Fiori Application" property the property Relative Path for SAP Fiori Application should be configured to only point to the Fiori Launchpad application under most circumstances.

  • You can follow SAP KBA: 2579216 - Fiori iView misbehaving due to lost properties in the URL here as a source of cross-referencing as it will allow you to ensure no small discrepancies are in place.

Ensure the HTTP_WHITELIST is maintained accordingly within the Front-end Server (FES).

  • SAP Note: 2142551 - Whitelist service for Clickjacking Framing Protection in AS ABAP.