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Background: You are utilizing the Enterprise Portal (EP) and after performing a recent system upgrade/migration or change you notice peculiar behavior regarding the application pages & screen presentations.

Issue Description: Application screens and page being displayed through the Enterprise Portal (EP) inherit the name of the application through the browser screen menu bar as opposed to using the name of the application itself.

Browser Title VS Application Name

Occurrences such as this may usually come into effect after a system upgrade. When you are accessing the application through Web Dynpro iViews the returned display setting is not matching your requirements / intended display.

High Level Analysis

A high level process of elimination regarding this scenario revolves around cross-comparison.

Two quite simple checks you can perform include:

  • Is this issue reproducible in all Portal Theme/Framework combinations?
  • Is this issue occurring for each and every user/in all Web Browser Platform types?

If the issue occurs across all Web Browser Platforms, Frameworks & Theme setups you can remove these from your analysis approach as here we are dealing with a small discrepancy in the configuration setup.

Checking the settings (High Level) Solution

You can use a straightforward method to check and determine which setting the "Page" is following to inherit its namespace through the Portal itself.

  • Go to System Administration --> System Configuration --> Service Configuration - > Portal Runtime --> Central Configuration --> ? You should be able to view and configure a change (if needed) under "Portal.html.head.title"?

Important Points

In relation to this scenario there have been interesting observation's in the past regarding the Window Title inheriting the WD Application Title as opposed to the iView Page.

On some occasions this was down to the iView being configured to "Display in a separate window", as the flow that generates the code that changes the title is not called. If you have the value set as "Display in separate Portal window". This will trigger the code that generates the title change.

Dynamic Application Title Vs iView Property

In this scenario the most common root source is a conflict between inheritance properties.

  • The application being called e.g. UWL in this case holds code to change the dynamic window title - EPCM.getSAPTop().document.title = "my Title"
  • Instead however this code is not followed and the iView property name is used.

NW 7.40 Versions Solutions

  • There is a documented fix for this particular issue within NW 7.40.
  • With SP12 Patch Level 14 for SP12 (EPRUNTIME12P_15-20010057.SCA) - Patch for EP RUNTIME 7.40 SP12.