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Background: In a setup which involves business requirements managed and accessed through the Enterprise Portal landscapes and environments can quick become diverse and multiplex.

Backdrop: The SAP NetWeaver Portal is one of the building blocks in the SAP NetWeaver architecture. With a Web Browser, users can begin work once they have been authenticated in the portal which offers a single point of access to information, enterprise applications, and services both inside and outside an organization.

Expanding Viewpoint: When using SAP NetWeaver Portal, organizations can give their employees, customers, partners, and suppliers a single point of access to the company applications, services, and information needed for conducting daily work. In addition, the portal offers business users the capability to easily create and manage portal pages and to generate their own portal content.

Why Monitor & Analyse?

The alchemists in their search for gold discovered many other things of greater value -  Arthur Schopenhauer

What does active monitoring provide?

  • View and analyse usage statistics
  • Identify performance concerns and bottlenecks
  • Identify generic system operation constraints
  • Analyse user activities
  • Reporting
  • Usage trends

The means of monitoring: The Computer Centre Management System in the Solution Manager, SAP’s service and support platform ensures central and efficient monitoring of SAP Enterprise Portal. Log data is displayed and analysed centrally in the Log Viewer (service of the J2EE server).  You can also monitor specific data directly in the portal.

Different Monitoring Technologies:

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