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Knowledge Management is a core component of such a system change due to the information data it contains for an organizations end users bases. KM Folders are utilized as the base platform in which KM Documents are stored. 

For example through KM End-Users can access, obtain, manage and review data information through documents sourced from the business  intranets, externalWWW feeds, and file servers. The KM Documents themselves are presented in the standard formats of PPT, excel, word documents and html.

KM Upload iView & End Users

Knowledge Management in itself can be considered as a means of functionality for end-users wanting to access such "Documents" which can relate to a whole range of processes. The KM Upload iView serves as the central upload conduit between a local data source and the Enterprise Portal. Essentially the KM Upload iView can be utilized by end-users to upload documents of all nature to designated target folders.

Managing User Uploads

With adequate permissions and authorizations end users and "authors" can upload documents to target folder and document repositories within the KM setup in association to the Enterprise Portal. In terms of controlling uploads there are certain limitations once users have given access although there are alternatives through which "administrative" filters can be setup.

KM Content Filters

For the case of a working example let us imagine we are working in a Portal environment and you would like to set KM Content Filters by file type (doc, xls, JPG, GIF etc). Business requirements and operational preference have highlighted that they would like to be able to create & maintain a filter to prevent users uploading files of a certain Type or Size.

From a high level perspective the documentation outlined below serves as the primary point of reference regarding Extensions & Size Filtering.

There is some tweaking and tailoring which can be performed alongside "File Upload" content filters. However a particular scenario and aiming to restrict certain file types e.g. JPG, GIF over/under a certain size this is not possible unfortunately. The "File Upload" filters parameters "List of disallowed file extensions (CSV format)" & "Maximum file size" function with respect to each other.

There is no means of configuration i.e. property setting within the KMC which can control or limit the size of the uploads allowed within KM.

  • The only parameter which may control this (partially) is the MaxRequestContentLength property in the config tool.

In terms of "filtering the size" to a Maximum setting based on display (Namespace Filters) you can indeed try and configure it but I would proceed with diligence as complex filters are known to negatively impair performance:

Any listing defined within the "List of disallowed file extensions (CSV format)" will be deemed "banned" irrespective of what is defined in the file size parameter.

There is the additional option of  "Namespace Filters" which add an extra dimension to filtering through "Mime Types" however these control only the visual display of the uploads not the upload itself.