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Backdrop: As per your business requirements you have created a search index in Knowledge Management (KM) to search for Enterprise Portal pages or iViews.

Issue: When using the search mechanism you are unable to find a specific page or iView.

Prerequisites: You have configured the Page/iView search in accordance to the index management service and Portal Content Directory (PCD).

How to Search & Test the Behavior

  1. After configuring the search for portal pages and iViews as per guidance documentation outlined above.
  2. Login to the Enterprise Portal.
  3. Try to search for a specific iView or portal page from the KM Search iView.
  4. The expected result is not displayed as the iView or page is not found and returned to the end user.

Why is this occurring (Important) ?

When you use the KM search for portal pages and iViews, you can only search for content for which you have the correct roles assigned.

  • If you do not have the appropriate role, you will not be able to search for its content.

Resolving the issue

  1. Navigate to User Administration -> Identity Management.
  2. Search for the relevant user id.
  3. Select the modify option.
  4. Assign your user the appropriate user role which contains the page or iView.
  5. Save your changes.
  6. Perform your search again.

Now if you perform the search again is the correct result (Page/iView) returned?