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Backdrop: When running a KM (Knowledge Management) Setup alongside the EP (Enterprise Portal) environment you find yourself being unable to access KM Resources when using anonymous access due to error references e.g. 404/403 :shock:


What functionality is affected?


It is not possible to access a Knowledge Management resource using a link from an email notification.


Anonymous Access - What is it?


Put simply anonymous access is a mechanism that permits and allows User Bases to access content without the need to authenticate (via the standard login process) via the Enterprise Portal.



Anonymous Access - Errors Encountered


  • "Error 404 Resource not available" or "access forbidden(403)"


Testing the Behavior


  1. Login to the Enterprise Portal

  2. http://hostname.domain.com5000/irj/portal

  3. Click on a link to a KM resource sent via a notification email

  4. Do you encounter any error exceptions here preventing you from gaining access to a resource?

  5. You might be encountering a "Error 404 Resource not available" or "access forbidden(403)".


What could be causing this error?


  • Firstly its imperative to ensure that the resource itself (trying to be accessed) is maintained in a consistent state i.e. it exists.

  • Secondly if you have anonymous access configured this means users can only access resources via links for which anonymous users have read permissions.


Rule Out Possible Root Causes


If you have experience with the Enterprise Portal and have encountered an issue in the past you will most likely be familiar with being requested to gather, obtain and collect trace info (Information) for a Knowledge Management (KM) WebDAV or a Portal Drive Scenario.


In order to troubleshoot issues accessing KM Content it might necessary to gather debug tracing on the engine as well as getting a HTTP trace of the scenario involved. This will show the requests and responses that are sent to the resource and can help you determine to determine why the issue occurs.


  • Log information pertaining to Knowledge Management is stored by the system in the defaultTrace.trc file.

  • This file is stored in the .../j2ee/cluster/server<n>/log directory.


Limitations with Anonymous Access


  • Once you have configured the KM prerequisites you need to then create a role for your anonymous users.

  • You can then assign iViews to this role to display your anonymous content to your end users.

  • If you still encounter the "Error 404 Resource not available" or "access forbidden(403)" we need to remember that anonymous access does have limitations.

  • Users can still use their UWL (Universal Worklist) inbox to view notifications or access resources for which notifications have been created

  • If you wish to provide users with a direct link to a resource you can also manually send a link to it using a different servlet path e.g.

  • http://<host>:<port>/irj/servlet/prt/portal/prtroot/

  • The user will then get an authentication request when opening the link