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Backdrop:  In an Enterprise Portal (EP) setup the utilization of Knowledge Management (KM) BW Bookmarks is quite common. Such bookmarks are stored within a KM Repository (CM repositories are used as the main means for storing documents and folders managed by CM).

Bookmark Management: With any means of management collective administration approaches are required to ensure everything is kept up to date and redundant information is removed wherever possible.

  • If further information is required on KM & BW Bookmarks I would recommend reviewing the BW Bookmarks Central Note for a comprehensive overview and a look into some of the most commonly encountered issue.

Problematic Scenario - Example:

There are a multitude of factors behind the motivation of needing to delete Bookmarks. Such factors can range from configuration discrepancies to system upgrades or system changes. Wholesale upgrades sometimes highlight issues with Bookmarks links which can no longer be accessed and this is due to the navigation target following the older system setup. Upgrades can lead to changes within the Portal Content Directory (PCD) or associated roles.

Is there a standard functionality that can be designated to users to delete their own bookmarks?

  • Mass deletion or management is indeed feasible through Content Administration->Portal Content navigate to Portal Content->Content Provided by SAP->End User - Portal Users.
  • You can see the default framework page here. Open the framework.
  • Select the desktop inner page check box and click OPEN. Now you can see the portal favourities iView. Remove it from the page.
  • The portal favorites iView is part of the desktop inner page of your framework page.

Deletion Limitation

The report RSWR_BOOKMARK_DELETE can be used for the mass deletion of the Bookmarks.


The user has the option to select the bookmarks to be deleted under four conditions:

  1. Delete all the Bookmarks of a particular type(either for the selected templates or all templates),
  2. Delete all the Bookmarks which have not been used since the key date(either for the selected templates or all templates),
  3. Delete the Bookmarks by entering the Bookmark IDs directly,
  4. Delete all the Bookmarks created by an user(s), with option to also filter it further based on the last used date or template name.

Fom the frontends perspective a keystone function for mass deletion does not exist.

The users can delete their entries in the Favorites or KM Folders, which will remove the link in the Portal.

An ABAP administrator can reorganize bookmarks using report RSWR_BOOKMARK_DELETE

More Information on the Report: