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Background: You are utilizing the Enterprise Portal (EP) and the Knowledge Management (KM) service. You begin to notice that the Portal itself or KM related functionality appears slow in functionality e.g. upon navigating to -> Content Administration -> Select KM Content -> any structure selected appears slow and constrained.

First port of call: The first recommendation with any performance related issue is to check for visible errors or exceptions being thrown in the default trace error log files.

High Level Analysis:

With performance issues some core checks to assess include:

  1. Have there been system changes recently e.g. upgrades which may have prompted this issue to begin occurring?
  2. If so Post upgrade did you clear the portal caches/restart the portal service?
  3. Is this issue occurring for all users/in all web browser platform types?
  4. Are customization's/personalizations currently in place?

Analysis Findings

After performing the recommended checks you confirm and determine that the performance impairment is confined ONLY to KM i.e. the rest of the Portal functions accordingly.

KM Performance in General

The primary cause of performance impacts within the KMC is the activation of the AccessStatistic service on the KM repositories.

  • Check if the service is indeed activated in the configuration of the KM repository managers.

If so, we advise removing it wherever possible as it the recommendation in SAP Note 1025290.

After the configuration of these repository managers is updated with the removal of the AccessStatistic service a system restart will be required for the change to take effect.

After this, perform a retest to see if performance improves.

You can find additional information in the documentation outlined below:

Access Statistics Service

Repository Services