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Backdrop: You are using the Enterprise Portal & BEx Broadcaster to pre-calculate and distribute queries, query views, Web templates, reports and workbooks. After some noted problem occurrences you are facing an intermittent issue when attempting to broadcast Bex reporting files to KM repository content.

Error Encountered: Exception thrown: Error while creating resource in KM.

Testing The Behavior:

  • Log into Enterprise Portal and select the predefined target KM Repository and folders.
  • Run the BEx Broadcaster for the reporting files to the target folder in the Enterprise Portal.
  • The broadcasting service returns the error exception "Exception Error while creating resource in KM".

Reason for Exception:

  • File format discrepancy

Setting the correct formatting type:

  • Choose  with the quick info text Export and select Spreadsheet in the selection list. In full-screen mode, choose List > Export > Spreadsheet.
  • If you have a choice of more than one format, the Select Spreadsheet dialog box opens.
  • In the Select Spreadsheet dialog box, select the format in which you want to save the exported data.
  • Confirm the settings.

Review Settings & Additional Pointers

  • In the dialog box that appears, specify the path and name of the file and save the file.
  • For some formats, you also need to specify other settings for the file that is saved.
  • Make the required settings, where applicable.
  • If an installed program is linked to the selected file name extension, this program is started automatically and the generated file is opened.

Download & Restest

  • Download to system > List > Local File.