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If you are familiar with the Enterprise Portal from a environmental landscape perspective you would already be well aware the "Fiori" in itself is the current hot topic or buzz word shall we say.  The Fiori Launchpad can be utilized alongside the Enterprise Portal and this is regarded as the "Fiori Launchpad on Portal".

The "Fiori Launchpad on Portal" can be interacted with in two primary ways

  1. Via Desktop
  2. Via Mobile Devices

The primary driver behind the utilization of the Fiori Launchpad on Portal is to provide end-users with the practical experience that Fiori itself offers. The utilization of the Fiori Launchpad on Portal shares the same approach delivered within the normal Enterprise Portal environment although the way such an experience is display is different!

Portal Search Facet (Through Fiori Launchpad on Portal )

If you have used the FLP@EP you will know that upon entering the FLP itself end-users are presented with a search engine displayed in the top (center) of the Page. Here within the search field end-users are eligible to perform a search for data and content and can subsequently tailor the result listing via filtering.

Dependent on the search term the associated listing will be displayed in a single row of results. End-users can choose to "show more results" and then are presented with follow-on tiles.

Can I Customize the number of rows returned in the List?

The short answer here is no and this is a noted limitation. Fiori Search is designed for searching "Business Objects" as well as "Apps". Clicking "filter" icon should list a facet tree for "Business Objects". If there is no "Business Objects" configured and maintained within the system a blank facet pane will be returned,.

For the result list under "ALL" tab, it is designed and should display a mixed result list of "Business Objects" and "Apps".

It is not possible, by default to have more than one row to display unfortunately as this is hard-coded functionality.

I have objects assigned but encounter a blank page?

Firstly a very important point to highlight regarding the FLP (Launchpad) on Portal and the Fiori Framework Page itself.

Many subsequent and previous issues have been highlighted and covered within SAP Note: 2008931 - Known issues for Fiori Framework Page (FLP on Portal) which lists the latest Patches.

I would highly advise ensuring that the latest Patch Level Releases have been implemented before retesting the scenario.

When patching scenarios it's also important to ensure the dependencies are met so no follow on issues are encountered as per SAP Note: 1974464 - SMP: Information on SCA Dependency Analysis for Java download objects.

Adding Search Types

Additional search mechanisms (Search configuration in Tile Catalog and Home page) can be enabled through the Framework Page Configuration, by firstly selecting the Fiori Framework Page and then the item of choice from within the dropdown list.

Search for Object Pages 

With adequate authorization end users can be given search access to retrieve Object Pages (applications) through the homepage itself and the tile catalogs.

This is achieved through maintaining the current value setting for the "Enabling Search for Object Pages" setup

  • Navigate to in Portal and go to Start of the navigation path: Content Administration -> Portal Display -> Framework Page Configuration , and choose Fiori Framework Page.
  • Is the checkbox enabled for the "Enable Search for Object Pages"