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When using the SAP Enterprise Portal (EP) within an NW Environment in a large organizational landscape business requirements may require different linguistic and language settings for multiple user bases.

As Fiori is relatively new & "fresh" in terms of large scale utilization it is beneficial to cover the basics before delving into anything too complex :smile: .

Portal - How Language Settings are maintained

Now regarding this scenario and the languages used in the Enterprise Portal there are a few important points to highlight. The language that the portal is displayed in depends on the following hierarchy, with the languages at the top of the list taking precedence over those at the bottom.

  1. Component (iview) language (defined in the portalapp.xml)
  2. Portal Mandatory language (defined in the
  3. User language (defined in the user#s profile).
  4. Request language (defined by the browser).
  5. Portal Default language (defined in the
  6. System Default language (default locale defined by the OS).

So for example, if you have your portal user language (as in point 3) set to German, but the language of the iView that is the logon page (as in point 1) set to English, that logon page will be displayed in English.

Fiori Launchpad on Portal - How Language Settings are maintained

The SAP Fiori Launchpad adds a fresh dimension to iView display as such a presentation is returned to the END-User in the form of Fiori Tiles as opposed to the familiar Portal iView standard. In solely Portal based scenarios organizations may choose to provide users with a degree of flexibility when it comes to changing Portal language setups e.g. through "Personalization" however with the SAP Fiori Launchpad on Portal it is not that simple.

Example Scenario - Fiori Launchpad on Portal - How Language Settings are maintained

Lets take a working example and imagine you are utilizing the SAP Fiori Launchpad on Portal in a large landscape environment. Such a setup means that your "Group" is composed of company's based in different geographic locations all of which hold their own native preferred language. Understandably you would like to offer these end-user bases the option to change the language of the Fiori Launchpad on Portal based on which country they reside. Ideally you want such a language setup to apply directly across the landscape itself .e.g on the Launchpad, WINGUI, GUI for HTML, Web Dynpro ABAP and JAVA etc.

If you had experience with the Classic Framework Page or Ajax Framework page you will be fully aware that achieving such a setup was indeed possible through "Personalization" however you've yet to see this function added in the Fiori Framework Page.

In the SAP Fiori Launchpad on Portal if you navigate to "User Preferences" you do not see an option listed which presents end-users with the chance to change their desired language.

Why can we see the Language Change option?

Firstly regarding the Fiori Launchpad itself the FLP does not support change of locales by user options through the “User Options Menu -> User. No singular user can do this or perform this action simply because this functionality as it is not supported by FLP.

  • A Portal administrator can configure the local of the users through UME and it will take effect in FFP.

There are scenarios in which "Personalization" through extended API's and Custom Code have been configured to support such a Language setup however from a supported SAP Standard point of view only administrators can change language for users or end users with the content admin role assigned.


Currently, there is no way to change the language for users via the FLP.

You can at present use one of two ways to change languages as a workaround resolution:

  1. Via the user management.
  2. Set the browser language for the desired language

There has been discussions to add this functionality as Standard in newer Fiori releases and this is presently under consideration as a feature request.