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In the first three blog postings in this series surrounding Fiori we have covered the fundamentals behind Fiori itself, the reasoning behind it's development, the integration of Fiori within the Portal and lastly the Fiori Framework Page. Now as we begin to move forward with the blog series I believe it's important to begin covering some problematic scenarios and issues that I have come across as a Product Support Engineer. In theory as mentioned in the previous postings Fiori is relatively "new" and "fresh" therefore issues may on certain occasions be encountered and as we continue this blog series I aim to provide core troubleshooting tips and guidance insight which can help prevent and resolve such occurrences (if any) :smile: .

If you missed the first three postings in this series you can revisit them below:

Portal: Tiles & Catalogs

Remember firstly that when you combine usage of the Fiori Launchpad with utilization through the Enterprise Portal as a conduit this means that user interaction is being performed via the Fiori Launchpad on Portal. If you have experience with various Netweaver Product Versions throughout the years you will be fully aware that the general "look & feel" has evolved quite a bit and perhaps most significantly with the Fiori Launchpad on Portal.

Portal elements & roles remain the same although the way they are displayed is quite different due to the fact display is offered through the notion of  Tiles & Catalogs.

As we can see in the image below (on the right hand side we see the tile "tabular" display):

Issues & Problems - Scenario 1 - Missing Tiles

Now as we mentioned previously I believe it's time to start analyzing and addressing some of the most commonly encountered issues that I have come across regarding the Fiori Launchpad & the Enterprise Portal.

One such scenario is missing elements within the display i.e. Tiles.

For example you might have a scenario where a user logs in and attempts to use the Fiori Launchpad on Portal.  Upon doing so the User might be presented with a blank display and confusion quickly ensues. Let us firstly remember that the primary function of a Tile is to display content therefore the tile in true essence is an evolution of an iView holding the same purpose and demonstrating the same functionality.

Reproducing the Behavior (Missing Tiles) & Initial Troubleshooting Testing:

  1. Login to the Enterprise Portal
  2. http://<host>:<port>/portal
  3. Upon entering the Fiori Launchpad on Portal no Tiles are returned within the display.

If you encounter this blank display kindly check the following:

  1. Login to the Enterprise Portal
  2. http://<host>:<port>/portal
  3. Navigate to the Fiori Launchpad on Portal
  4. In the top left hand corner of the screen display there should be an option highlighted "Show Groups", select the button.
  5. Then proceed to open the Catalog before returning to the homepage are the "Tiles" appearing now?
  6. By performing these steps you are determine if the "Tiles" are set to "Default App" within the Home Page itself.

Now if the issue persists and the "Tiles" are still not displayed the next analysis steps and straightforward and simple and can be used as "pinpoint" root source analysis.

- Have you recently performed any upgrade/system changes which prompted this behavior to begin occurring?

- Is this issue occurring for each and every user/in all web browser platform types?
- Is this issue reproducible in all Portal Theme combinations?

The three queries posted above help fine-tune the analysis approach and can eliminate or re-focus analysis depending on findings.

Tiles & Catalogs - Missing

  • Are you using Roles/Catalogs from the ABAP system?

If so an important point to highlight is to review the current authorization setup. If this is an authorization based scenario you need to ensure the inter-op profile authorization is maintained through navigating to Transaction PFCG.

  • Then Select the necessary Tile/Catalog roles before assign them tot the user bases.


One point to always consider is the implementation of the latest Patch Level Release(s) as this is highly encouraged and often provides a means of resolution into easily avoidable issues. Many reported issues have been highlighted and covered within SAP Note: 2008931 - Known issues for Fiori Framework Page (FLP on Portal) which lists the latest Patches.

When patching scenarios it's also important to ensure the dependencies are met so no follow on issues are encountered as per:

  • SAP Note: 1974464 - SMP: Information on SCA Dependency Analysis for Java download objects.

Reverting back to the Groups & Tiles not appearing when we are dealing with scenarios such as this ordinarily the root source resides is a small discrepancy with the configuration.

  • In FLP scenarios iViews should be located in a container (Folder or Role).

The property 'Perspective' of this container should be set to 'Launcher' see also a SAP note #2093160 i.e. if your iViews are placed in Role/Folder called ‘Fiori’ please open the Role/Folder 'Fiori', Search a property 'Perspective' and set it to be 'Launcher' afterward 'save' and refresh the browser.

As we know configuration options used by the administrators determine a provision to end-users to hold various personalizing abilities for their home pages.

  • Such personalizing abilities included the display or removal of Groups & Tiles is also a point of consideration here

The main switch Enable Personalization should be checked-in for other options to make an effect. If this option is switched off, in run-time there is no access to Tile Catalog and personalization actions. Depending on the tile type if Dynamic server caching needs to be configured ( 2087348 - Enhancements in FLP on EP 7.31 SP16),

  • Object ID of Device Group is the pivotal setting of interest

This can be checked through Category Assignment & Default App in Home Page.

  • This setting should be maintained correctly via the utilization of semi colons.

Navigate to > Content Administration > Portal Content Management > Portal Catalog, select the iView > Open > Properties.

If the above checks return fine the subsequent recommendation would be to run and capture a trace after the issue has been reproduced. On some occasions missing tiles/groups are accompanied by an error exception which has brought about various documented Note fixes e.g. SAP Note: 2306532 - FLP@EP empty home page due to missing callLoadGroupsExtension is not a function error.

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