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Collaboration is fundamental to business success, and companies are investing billions of dollars every year in enterprise collaboration solutions to improve cooperation among their employees and across the value chain. These solutions, however, are only effective if people use them, and a unanimous feedback from industry analysts indicates that user adoption remains low.

Why so? In the same way, consumers’ expectations for an effective digital experience have grown, employees demand efficient and intuitive tools to get their job done. As shown in the most recent IDC’s Workforce Transformation Survey, users of enterprise social collaboration software list simple user interfaces and intuitive user experience as their top priority. Availability of SDK to improve workflows and data access, as well as integration with core business processes, also make the top of the list.

This is not surprising, as virtually all workers are now “information workers” who have a growing requirement to access the information they need, as they work, collaborate, and connect with other employees, customers, partners, and suppliers. Workers no longer want to shift across different applications to get the information they need: they ask for access to real-time communications, content, and expertise in the context of the business processes they act upon – whether they are at the office or on the road.

SAP Jam Collaboration on SAP Cloud Platform

For these workers, SAP has created SAP Jam Collaboration, an SAP Cloud Platform service. This cloud-based enterprise collaboration platform enables employees to become more efficient by discovering and sharing useful information anytime and anywhere. It also integrates with your existing and future business processes.

Take the example of an SAP Jam Collaboration customer who is a leader in test, measurement, and communications equipment with headquarters in Germany, and worldwide operations. The company’s employees were losing productivity by jumping from system to system to gather the information required to make informed business decisions. Several areas of the company were affected - sales, support, and HR processes – because employees were using many, independent intranet solutions depending on their location or acquired company. Most importantly, innovation was throttled due to how difficult for employees it was to access critical data and connect with subject-matter experts.

With SAP Jam Collaboration, the company has built a new intranet that is helping to drive a culture shift across the company. Employees at every level of the organization now have a truly collaborative platform that enables them to communicate effectively across department and location boundaries. User engagement is at an all-time high, with a significant percentage of the employees being active on SAP Jam on a monthly basis.

Collaborate from Inside Business Applications and Personalized Interactions

The next goal for the company is to leverage SAP Jam Collaboration for improving its HR and Sales processes. This is possible because SAP Jam supports many work patterns with integrations and extensions to SAP applications allowing users to collaborate from inside their applications as they engage in specific business processes.

For example, the company is planning to take advantage of the integration of SAP Jam with SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer to improve their account and opportunity management processes. The company is also planning on extending collaboration to pre-hires and improve their onboarding process by combining SAP Jam with SAP SuccessFactors.

The tied integration between SAP Jam and other SAP applications also allows employees to get ready access to business information managed by these applications as they collaborate and make decisions. All this, without requiring IT to migrate data from systems of records to the collaboration platform.

Companies also want the flexibility to use more ad hoc interactions that are necessary to support the unique ways in which they operate, and SAP Jam Collaboration customer is not different. The company is considering using SAP Jam SDKs and other services available on SAP Cloud Platform to build apps that extend SAP Jam with additional capabilities. For example, the company plans to add gamification service to SAP Jam for giving incentives to employees that share their knowledge with others.

Leverage Real-time, Intelligent Interactions

Key to providing an enticing digital experience is the ability to intelligently filter information and deliver content and data to users in real-time, as they work and collaborate. For example, SAP Jam enables organizations to bring modern, collaborative capabilities, such as real-time messaging, to business applications and processes across the entire company. And now, in partnership with, a leader in enterprise-class integration solutions development, SAP is helping companies to start building chatbot capabilities within the SAP Jam product experience so that they can be leveraged to enhance collaboration across sales, service, and marketing business processes.

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Presentation: Innovate Collaborative Applications with SAP Jam Collaboration & SAP Cloud Platform